This $20 Gift Is The Best Way To Butter Up Your Boss


Your holiday gifting list likely includes a wide variety of recipients, from your hard-to-please best friend to your significant other's parents. But of all the people you're shopping for, your employer can be one of the most intimidating. And while technically it's unethical to get special treatment based on what you've giving her this year, with some of the best holiday gifts for your boss, at the very least you'll earn some points for thoughtfulness and good taste.

All that said, what do you get your boss, someone who may seemingly already have everything they need or with whom you might not have exactly a warm, intimate relationship? Understandably, this one can be a toughie. One of the best ways to go about discerning an appropriate gift is by focusing things that she can either use for a smoother or more stylish work day (like tech gifts and chic reusable travel mugs for her morning latte) or things that could make her off-duty time as relaxing and stress-free as possible (like wine and self-care products).

You know your boss best, so be sure to think about what you may know about her lifestyle and tastes for the most thoughtful gift possible. Does she love yoga? Is she super into sustainability? A avid home cook? These are things that can help guide the way — versus going with something totally generic. But if you could still use a few suggestions, ahead are a handful of ideas that will totally win her over — and they start at just $16.

If your boss is always clutching a coffee (or tea) and/or she's mentioned trying to cut back on waste, there's no better gift than a beautiful, reusable travel mug. This one is wheel-thrown ceramic and comes with a silicon lid, plus it's playful enough to make the cutest desk accessory.

This large-scale (three feet by four feet) calendar is a total classic: It's got a bold-yet-minimalist design, so it doubles as wall art.

She could probably use all the de-stressing she could get, which is where this facial tool comes in handy. A signature product of buzzworthy facial workout chain FaceGym, it can help release tension in the face, chest, jawline, wherever, even while she's in the office.

It's probably safe to say your boss uses her phone a good deal, so if she doesn't yet own a portable, wireless charger, this could be a game-changing gift. This one is made of high quality leather and comes in various colors, so it's not just useful, it's also totally stylish.

Written by Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur, formerly of Of A Kind, this is a great read for any female entrepreneur or successful woman in the workplace, as it's inspirational and focuses on the power of female friendships.

CBD is so mainstream these days, especially as a way for dealing with stress. If you think your wellness-curious boss might be up for giving it a try, start with something simple like a bath product. This one is made of Dead Sea salts with yarrow, rosemary, and marjoram which makes for a seriously soothing combination.

She can bring her healthy work lunches to the office in a way that's both chic and sustainable. This set of snack and sandwich-sized, eco-friendly silicon bags also happens to come in a Mojave-inspired color palette and a portion of proceeds is donated to the Mojave Desert Land Trust.

If you happen to know that your boss is into a good glass of vino here and there, give her a taste of the latest trend, sustainable wine. This fruity, medium-bodied red is vegan, organic, and sulfur-free. Plus it's under $25.

This waterless, USB-powered diffuser is perfect for using aromatherapy in the office or on the go. Just add a bottle of essential oil and you're set.