7 Tech Gifts So Cool You’ll Want Them For Yourself

You really can’t go wrong when gifting, except when, of course, you do. (Mom, we don’t need any more Cucumber & Melon Bath & Body Works products, but thank you.) One genre of gift specifically difficult to mess up, however, is the gadgets and gizmos category. Tech gifts are a good option for people you know well, want to impress or are obligated by way of family ties to invest in substantially this time of year. Below, seven super-cool products that will make you the hero of the holiday season.

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Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker

This sleek ring tracks your fitness—number of steps, calories burned—and your sleep duration. It's one tenth the size of its closest competitors, and its battery lasts three days. Plus, it's pretty.

Motiv Fitness Tracker, $200


Tovala Oven And Meal Service

This is genius, and we want it, stat. It's a smart steamer that comes with a meal-delivery service. Healthy food is brought to your door each week. When you're ready to eat it, you scan the bar code, stick it in the steamer and voilàthe oven knows how long it needs to steam. Plus, the Tovala works as a regular oven, steamer or broiler for your homemade meals, too.

Pricing is a bit tricky, but affordable. The Tovala Oven itself is $399. If you order it with a four-meal-box commitment, it's $299, and with a 24-meal-box commitment (over 12 months), it's $199. Meal boxes are $36 (three meals) to $72 (six meals) per week.

Tovala Oven And Meal Service, $200-$400


Amazon Kindle Oasis

The Kindle is officially waterproof—finally. It's perfect for packing to go to one of these nine epic beaches.

Amazon Kindle Oasis, $250


HyperIce Vyper Foam Roller

Foam rollers are critical for recovery whether you're a fitness junkie or someone who occasionally guilts herself into going for a run after sitting for 50 hours a week (that would be us). This vibrating version is used by pro athletes.

HyperIce Vyper Foam Roller, $179


Nintendo Switch

Pretty much everyone is into the Nintendo Switch, a gaming system that can be handheld or played through your TV. Its game offerings are increasing, as are its app offerings—Hulu recently launched on the platform. If you're looking for a gift for your nephew—or if you, yourself, are a gamer—this is basically the buy of the season.

Nintendo Switch, $299


iPhone X

Duh. If this is on your list for someone this year, we just have one question—are you open to new friends in 2018?

iPhone X, starts at $999

Louis Vuitton Smart Watch

This fetching piece of jewelry actually has brains hidden beneath its beauty. It runs on Android 2.0 but it's compatible with a host of smartphones. Use apps like My Trips and City Guide to navigate airports and find the coolest of the cool when you land in your destination city. The watch comes with strap options for both men and women.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Monogram 42, $2,450