This $25 Tray Will Help You Step Up All Your Spring Dinner Parties

H&M Home

According to infamous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, spring is arriving sooner rather than later this year, which is good news for many (Warmer weather, a wardrobe update — what's not to like?). So if you use the seasons to inspire tweaks in your home decor, you should probably start shopping now. One great place to start? H&M's spring home line, which is full of coastal colors mixed with neutrals and earthy materials alongside more luxurious ones.

Ever since the fashion brand launched a home division, its new collections have been making current and well-designed pieces totally accessible for even those on a strict budget — and the latest is no exception. With minimalist art prints, marble accessories, and sumptuous bedding (to name just a few of the expensive-looking finds), it's so easy to give any room a refresh without having to splurge.

And in case you needed a few suggestions on which pieces to add to your space, take a peek at the eight ahead, which can elevate your living room, bedroom, or whatever spot needs a little extra something for as little as $18. But you might want to move quickly — a bunch of the new goods have already sold out.

The spring collection includes a handful of art prints, including vintage botanicals and text art, but this minimalist nude is both classic and totally on trend.

The addition of leather makes this simple candlestick look so expensive. But at just $18, you can totally swing it.

It's been proven that more luxurious textiles can make for a better sleep, but thankfully you don't have to pay a luxury price take for this satin set.

Your charcuterie board game will be next level with the addition of this marble tray, which might be just as well used on your coffee table as a chic catch-all for candles, and other accessories.

For a quick seasonal change-up, just swap out some of your heavier textiles. This neutral-colored, lightweight throw is the perfect addition.

Earthy materials like rattan will instantly make any space feel springier, as it give a bit of a staycation vibe.

Throw pillows are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your furniture a mini makeover. This color-blocked cover in a subtle palette should do the trick.

This artsy cool vase doubles as an objets d'art.