This Affordable Living Room Addition Is All You Need For A Major Update


While all parts of your home deserve equal love and attention — by way of keeping them tidy, organized, and still somewhat stylish — there are some that seem to require a bit more energy than others, and that's probably because they're the most visible and lived in. But if you're currently on a strict budget, it can feel tough to prioritize any revamping, no matter how badly you want or need it. Thankfully you don't have to go broke with a few simple, expert-approved living room refresh ideas that will not only make it feel instantly updated, but also make it the place your guests will be happy to gather.

Recently, digital design service Modsy released its annual State of the Home report, and unsurprisingly it showed that the living room was the space most people were looking forward to redesigning in 2020, especially given that home entertaining is trending. Admittedly, some changes you can make will require a bit more heavy lifting (and often more cash) but according to the company's VP of Style, Alessandra Wood, other are so simple they only require you to invest in one key piece, or are so affordable they don't cost a thing.

So before you rethink your entire color scheme, or cover all the walls in the trendiest wallpaper pattern (but go for it if you're game), see ahead for four suggestions from Wood that can make refreshing your living room in 2020 a totally achievable goal.


Become A Curator

It sounds simple enough, but according to Wood, a solid tidying/editing could make all the difference in the world. And besides that, it's free. "Clear out clutter and be very mindful about the pieces of decor you have on display," she suggests. "Choose pieces you really love, pieces that have sentimental value, art, and photographs that create good vibes. This helps a room really become yours and one that beckons you to spend time in it."

Add An Ottoman

Since you want this room to function as a place you can entertain, consider the pieces that will make it more comfortable — starting with a cozy ottoman or pouf. "If you create a space where you can lounge with your legs lifted (and not just on the coffee table), you’ll want to relax day in and day out," says Wood.

Invest In A Reading Chair

If you're able to spend a little more, you can really create a cozy nook by investing in a comfortable armchair that just begs to be used. "Get [an armchair] that allows you to curl up your legs and really sink in," advises Wood. "I like upholstered chairs as they have added cushioning and support. You can read in this or work from it when you need a casual position."

Rethink Your Lighting

"Poor lighting can create headaches and eye fatigue or make a space feel very stale," explains Wood. "Especially if you have overheads, be sure to mix floor lamps and table lamps throughout the space. You want to create the ability to have different levels of lighting at different times. You’ll want a task light next to where you read and be able to turn off the overheads with subtle lighting for when you’re watching TV."