H&M Home’s Spring Collection Is Every Plant Lover’s Dream


If your home is beginning to look like a green house, get ready to fall head-over-heels for H&M Home's spring collection. A plant lover's dream, the collection is titled The Secret Garden, and it's true to its name. The line is brimming with pieces featuring floral motifs as well as natural hues and textures, and you'll easily find styles to complement your greenery perfectly. The best part? It’s all under $80.

Though your sill may be covered with growing succulents, the rest of your bedroom may be feeling a little stale. If that's the case, refresh your bedding with a sage green washed-linen duvet, $79.99, to add dose of color while keeping your space a serene sanctuary. Or, bring out the green tones in your plant life with a set of curtains to frame your windows. As for your blooms? This simple glass vase will have your favorite flowers sitting pretty on your nightstand.

While your fern is undoubtedly doing its best to make your bathroom feel more zen, you can scoop up a few low-cost pieces from H&M Home's latest offerings to give your plant some support. Start by swapping out your plastic soap dispenser for this light green stoneware style and tuck your cotton-balls in the matching covered pot. Brighten up the bathroom floor with a green terry bathmat, and while you're at it, replace that old shower curtain with a leaf-printed style.


If spring isn't already on your mind, the floral dining selection from H&M will no doubt have you dreaming of the sunny spring days ahead. But until those days arrive, bring the garden party indoors by picking up a cheery floral table runner and adding a mix of plates and mugs in different, but equally charming, floral motifs.

There's no denying that leaving the house this time of year is difficult, so why not make being inside a little more bearable? Continue on to start shopping H&M's new home collection and bring a bit of the outdoors in.