This $15 IKEA Find Will Keep Your Bathroom Stylishly Organized


Tidying up your home isn't everyone's idea of a good time — but nevertheless it's got to get done. That said, with the right products and some seriously clever organizational hacks, keeping things looking neat and clean can be a whole lot easier, not to mention more stylish. And when it comes to decluttering your bathroom, everyone's favorite affordable housewares store won't disappoint. According to its experts, just a few tweaks or additions could make all the difference in the world, not to mention making tidying up a whole lot less painful.

Getting your bathroom in order doesn't have to involve a deep, Marie Kondo-style purge. With a few simple organization tips, you can avoid any major overhauls. And while IKEA's Senior PR Specialist Janice Simonsen has learned a few crucial hacks from the brand, you don't necessarily have to even buy anything to put them into practice (but if you do, they've got you covered).

Ready to refresh your bathroom space? Read ahead for Simonsen and her team's best advice for keeping things organized in style.


Bathroom Organization Tip: Use Both Open & Closed Storage

"Having a mix of open and closed storage allows you to conceal the most unsightly, clutter-inducing things in drawers and behind doors, while wall shelving, multi-functional towel racks and shelving units allow you to maximize your vertical space while maintaining an open feeling in the room," Simonsen says. For all the things you don't mind being visible — or you need especially available — try something like this best-selling shelf unit.

Bathroom Organization Tip: Put Storage In Storage

"Just because your vanity drawers and shelves keep things hidden, doesn't mean they have to be a cluttered mess," the product expert says. "Keep everything from tubes of cream to nail clippers to dental floss sorted and easy to find with drawer organizers or boxes with handy compartments."

Bathroom Organization Tip: See Things Clearly

"Elevate the look of your bathroom to spa status by storing products like cotton balls and swabs, lotions, and bath salts in clear containers on open shelves," Simonsen suggests. This set of five ought to get you sorted.

Bathroom Organization Tip: Consider Your Unused Spaces

"The space above toilet and behind the door is often forgotten, and is a great way to store extra towels, toiletries, and paper products," shares Simonsen. Her product suggestion? The DYNAN, which fits perfectly behind the toilet without taking up too much space.

Bathroom Organization Tip: When In Doubt. Utility Cart

IKEA's best-selling carts aren't just great for building yourself an affordable home bar. "A mobile utility cart is easy and affordable solution to add functionality to any small room," Simonsen says. "Load it up with supplies and take it wherever you need it."

Bathroom Organization Tip: Keep It Clean

Rethink your cleaning products and tools. There are a slew of brands making non-toxic and effective options, and keep your eyes peeled for IKEA's upcoming BORSTAD collection.