8 Small Bathroom Organization Ideas You Need From CB2’s New Arrivals ASAP


A new year can make you motivated to finally tackle those projects that were put on the back burner in 2018. Case in point: Sorting out how to find more space in a bathroom that feels like the size of a postage stamp. Though the less-than-desirable dimensions may seem like they could prevent you from reaching your dream spa set up or simply just a space you can comfortable move in, all hope is not lost. One scroll through CB2's new arrivals provides several chic small bathroom organization ideas that'll not only whip your space into shape, but will make it a place you may actually enjoy spending time in.

If you often find yourself tossing towels over the toilet or draping your robe on a door handle, then the first item you'll want to shop is the 3-Prong Swivel Towel Hook for $29.95. Instead of taking up more of your minimal wall space with a large rack, this compact family of four sturdy hooks with three movable arms will allow you to neatly hang your plush bathroom essentials with ease.

Lack of counter space? You don't have to tuck all your products under the sink. Instead, mount a soap dish like this geometric brass style, $29.95, and add a multi-purpose shelf, $99.95, over your toilet to hold your daily essentials as well as facecloths that can hang through the rods.


It's hard to feel relaxed soaking in the tub when all you see around you is clutter. And, the frustration you feel when bottles of shampoo and conditioner keep falling in among the bubbles doesn't really provide for a peaceful experience. If this sounds like you on a Sunday night, then you'll want to shop the Live Edge Charred Bath Caddy, $79.95; its adjustable track along the bottom allows it to fit in tubs of all sizes. Place the teak caddy across the width of your tub and add your must-haves as well as a calming scented candle — you'll be feeling more zen in no time in your tiny bathroom.

Though your space may be small, don't let the size prevent you from keeping it both stylish and functional. Continue on to start shopping items that'll help you create a bathroom that'll not only scream organization, but also really wow.

Brass 3-Prong Swivel Towel Hook



This towel hook is also available in silver and black.

Live Edge Charred Bath Caddy



A small bathroom often means lack of shelving. Add this teak caddy to your tub in black or light brown.

Hex Brass Wall Mounted Soap Dish



This sleek dish will provide a space for your soap. It's also available in black.

Small Cubo Acrylic Bathroom Shelf



This multi-purpose storage option will give you a place to hold as well as hang items.

Infinity Recessed Mirror Cabinet Large Brass 24"x36"



Only have a mirror hanging over your sink? Utilize the wall space and replace it with this mirrored bath cabinet; you can fill its three shelves with all your favorite products.

Hex Brass Toilet Paper Storage Tower



That stack of toilet paper that keeps ending up piled in random places is only taking up space that you could use for other things. This holder will easily take care of that and add a dose of chicness to your floor.

Dawson Round Glass Cannisters



Big, opaque storage will be the bane of your existence in a small bathroom. Not only does it not fit, it also makes it impossible to find anything, especially if you inevitably have too much stuff piled up to see anything. Replace those with some pretty, small, and clear cannisters. They'll make it easy to find all those bits and bobs you're constantly losing.

Treble Marble Wall Mount



Got an open area above your toilet or an open wall? Fill it with a the biggest shelf that'll fit, and make sure there's more than one shelf to maximize storage potential. You'll be able to fit baskets of stuff onto this, and it's pretty (and big) enough to let you show off your favorite skincare products, too.