Chrissy Teigen Found A Surprisingly Low-Key Way To Incorporate Orange Into Your Makeup Routine

Karwai Tang/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Chrissy Teigen's orange eyeliner was a refreshing shade, perfect for summer.

It seems to be common knowledge that minimalism and bright colors may as well be antonyms for one another. Bright pink lipstick and neon lime eyeliner are tentpoles of maximalism, and minimalism is usually reduced to beiges, taupes, and whites. Those colors are fine, but sometimes, you just want a little something more. So leave it to none other than Chrissy Teigen's orange eyeliner to rewrite the rules and make minimalist makeup way more fun.

On July 7, Teigen shared a video on Instagram highlighting bright orange eyeliner and super lengthy lashes. She paired the look with beachy waves and braids — courtesy of hairstylist Irinel de León — an unbelievably dewy complexion, and her husband, John Legend, in a matching orange shirt (so chic).

Zooming in on her lids, the fresh and summery eye was made up of a thin citrus-colored liner and nothing more. The choice of hue made for the perfect statement look, whether you're on a tropical beach like Teigen or, you know, chilling on your couch at home. Even though it was next to neon in color, the simplicity and shape of the liner makes it lovable for even makeup minimalists.

The look was done by makeup artist Kristine Studden, who also adorably managed to recreate the same look on Teigen's daughter Luna. This vibrant look wasn't short lived though, and in another video posted later that day where she shared her skincare routine, Teigen was still rocking the eyeliner saying, "I'm feeling the colored eyeliner trend I'm really late on."

And while she's not wrong on being a teensy bit late, the trend certainly hasn't ended. This affinity for neon eyeliner and eyeshadow and other kinds of monochrome lids kicked off this spring, and celebs like Tracee Ellis Ross, who donned hot pink eyeshadow, and comedian Whitney Cummings, who rocked bold yellow eyeliner eagerly took part.

Brands, too, have really pushed for brighter colors with UOMA Beauty launching its Black Magic Carnival Collection, Anastasia Beverly Hills releasing its Electric Cake liners, and plenty of nail brands reaching for the bright oranges, yellows, and greens this season.