4 Summer Makeup Trends You’re Going To See Everywhere

by Lexi Novak
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summer 2020 makeup trends
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Although I love to bemoan the sticky city walks and frigid air-conditioned indoors of summer, it’s actually my favorite season when it comes to beauty. Everything seems to get more vivid while also getting more relaxed. Shininess suddenly becomes intentional. Makeup edges go from crisp to painterly. And there’s an unspoken understanding that the brighter and bolder the colors, the better. There’s a refreshing levity to summer makeup trends.

This year in particular, there’s likely going to be a focus on features left uncovered by masks, such as the eyes, skin, and nails. Expect to see plenty of vibrant eyeshadow inspiration, complexion dewiness, and fun nail art ideas. Now’s the time to experiment and let imaginations take hold. Mix and match textures (glitter and matte). Try new techniques (brush outside the lines). Go for more is more (nail decals and spilled color). Personally, I’ve never been much of an eyeshadow wearer, but this season, I honestly can’t wait to start painting my lids every shade of neon. Here are some of the top trends for summer and the products to recreate them at home.

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Rainbow Eyes

Neon, color-blocked, bejeweled, pastel — colorful eyes are taking center stage. Consider layering shimmery, glittery, or metallic finishes over matte shades. Try a liquid shadow with rhinestone accents. Experiment with floating lines in an array of tones. Or, go for a single, saturated hue in trendy yellow or pink.

Swept-Up Brows

Imagine a summer breeze whispering through grassy sand dunes at the beach: That’s the current brow mood. Look for products that will fluff, set, volumize, and add fine, hair-line definition to brows for a bushy-yet-groomed effect.

Playful Nails

Have you ever seen a creative mani and not smiled? It’s nearly impossible to resist fluttering your fingers when they’re painted with delightful patterns. This summer, hone your nail-art skills with polishes you can swirl together, tape off into geometric shapes, or adorn with cheeky stickers.

Radiant Skin

Though this isn’t ever not trending, the focus now is more on skin health and the kind of luminosity that comes from that. Base formulas that boast blue-light and pollution protection are cropping up more and more, as are skin-care products that pack in nourishing and antioxidant-rich oils. As for highlighter, look for finishes that lean toward metallic versus sparkly for an ethereal glow.

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