8 Iconic 'Gossip Girl' Hairstyles We’d Still Totally Wear Today

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Gossip Girl here, with a rumor (or fact, rather) that the soon-to-be-launched HBO Max platform is rebooting the beloved Gossip Girl series. Not only did the show gift the world with some of the trendiest outfits on TV, but the Gossip Girl hairstyles were unlike any other. While we may not have insight into the scandalous lives of this dysfunctional and wealthy crew, we do have their best chignons, shags, and curls to honor the reboot of the cult-favorite series.

But before delving into the trends that have lasted through the aughts, Liz Ramos, the key hairstylist for the series and department head during the final season of Gossip Girl, offered a few tidbits about the trends that were popular then. And, surprisingly, many of them echoed hairstyles that have resurfaced today.

“[We were] always doing different sorts of braids. Headbands were really in then as well. It was fun to create around them, especially when we had party scenes,” said Ramos in an email to The Zoe Report. As for her favorite moments, she remembers having fun with creating hairstyles for Serena’s and Blair’s weddings, which consisted of elegant updos and plenty of curls, much like the looks that have become recent go-tos for celebrity weddings.

Ramos also recommended a few products she used on set that will help you achieve similar looks. “My turbo air blower was my go-to for everything and anything. [We also used everything from] Elnett hairspray to Kératase products to Moroccanoil.”

Spotted — eight Gossip Girl hairstyles that are still in heavy rotation, ahead.

Blair's Sleek Ringlets

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Soft ringlets and a beret couldn't be anymore Blair. While trends as of late have seemed to sway toward brushed-out waves and undone tresses, J.Lo’s curls during the Super Bowl LIV halftime show were enough proof that glossy, uniform curls are back (and berets are having their own comeback, too).

Jenny's Shag Haircut

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2020 is practically the year of the shag haircut, proving that Jenny was ahead of her time by rocking choppy layers on and off set. You might've believed that this was a one-and-done look the first time this was spotted on the Gossip Girl star, but the style has come back with a vengeance this year, with celebrities like Miley Cyrus getting chops that are practically carbon copies of this throwback cut.

Serena's Slicked-Back Ponytail

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Serena's effortless ponytail achieves a delicate balance between polished and casual — and it's a trend that's clearly striking a chord again today. The sleek ponytail trend soared in popularity toward the end of 2019 and is still going strong in 2020, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Janelle Monáe, and even Meghan Markle putting their personal twists on it.

Blair's Polished Chignon

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Chignons are here to stay, seeing as they were plastered all over the runways of New York Fashion Week this year. This swept-back look is ideal for special occasions, and there’s no one better than Blair to provide the perfect example. But even if your evening doesn’t consist of a fashion show or fancy gown, it’s an easy way to transform your look on the fly.

Serena's Golden Waves

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Serena made undone waves a thing, and it’s hard to find an episode where she wasn’t flaunting some version of her tousled beachy curls. There's rarely been a time since that the look hasn't resonated; in fact, it's a staple of countless celebrities and influencers, and its reign doesn't seem to be slowing anytime soon. To copy, all you'll need is a few spritzes of salt spray and a couple twirls of your curling wand.

Jenny's Platinum Bangs

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It's hard to think of a better character than Jenny to flawlessly channel Debbie Harry. Her platinum lob, fringe bangs, and slightly visible roots make for a look that's been cool since the '80s and will continue to stay on trend. Icy white hair is also still going strong, and numerous celebs like Solange, Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Camila Cabello have tested the water with platinum.

Blair's Headband Hairstyles

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Not sure if you heard the news, but headbands are back. These accessories were major on the show and have made an even more major comeback as of late, as proven by many different celebs, royals, and influencers like Kate Middleton and Babba Rivera. Keep it sleek or get a mod look like Blair's and pull a few loose strands of your hair out in front of the band.

Blair's Half-Up 'Do

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There's no better everyday look than a half-up 'do, though Kendall Jenner and quite a few other celebs have enjoyed sporting it on red carpets and enviable vacations. It serves as an easy switch-up from your typical ponytail or twist, and it also happens to be a killer hairstyle for maneuvering your way through any kind of drama life throws at you.