The Surprisingly Chic Hair Accessory Trend You Haven’t Tried Yet


It's the honest truth that not all trends are worth trying. Sometimes, they can be a little too fussy and hard to figure out. But when a trend comes around that's just as practical as it is pretty? Well, then it's a whole lot easier to get behind. Now that it's becoming clear that 2019's headband trend is not just sticking around, but actually gaining momentum, it's officially time to invest in a few of the functional yet fun hair accessories — because they're about to be everywhere.

When you think of wearing a headband, an uber-preppy look or a '90s-era get-up likely comes to mind. But today's headbands have a chameleon-like quality that makes them easy to style with nearly any ensemble — whether your vibe is vintage-inspired or super-contemporary, a chic headband adds to the aesthetic you're after to create a totally cohesive look. And thankfully, several of your favorite retailers have caught wind of the practical hair accessory's quickly-rising popularity, stocking options that run the gamut from delicate to daring.

Part of the beauty of the headband is that it keeps your hair out of your face, while also adding interest to your outfit — making them an ideal accessory for office days. Choose sleek styles that'll complement your workwear while bringing a bit of edge, like Jennifer Behr's Leather Knotted Head Wrap, $425 at Neiman Marcus, or this Salvatore Ferragamo suede and crystal-adorned bow headband, $290 at Shopbop. They'll keep you from repeatedly tucking your tresses behind your ears in super-long meetings, and have you looking chic for happy hour to boot.

While you're off duty, look for headbands with lots of personality so you can amp up even the simplest looks. A 100-percent silk headband in a fun black-and-white leopard print, $69 at Net-a-Porter pulls back hair without damaging it, an ideal alternative for those days when you throw your hair into a haphazard ponytail.

For a night out — PSA, Valentine's Day is fast-approaching — choose a head piece that plays up feminine charm, with crystal embellishments or floral features. Lelet NY's bold gold-plated Swarovski crystal headband, $810, would add an incredibly luxe touch to a LBD, while Jennifer Behr's demure floral crystal headband, $352, has a romantic quality about it that makes it perfect for pairing with a date-night outfit.

Before you go writing off headbands as just another passing trend, consider how practical the head pieces actually are — and how versatile the chic styles currently available can be. Shop some of the best headbands from around the web below, from super-luxe to simply stylish.