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Astrologers Believe This Decorative Accent Can Bring You Good Vibes In 2021


Maybe you know your space could use a little oomph but don't know exactly what to do to make it feel fresher for the new year. Perhaps you've read up on the latest color and decor trends but nothing seems to speak to you on a deeper level. In that case, astrology could be an unexpected source of inspiration. By seeking out home upgrades for your zodiac sign, you're not only getting an instant visual boost, but potentially bringing in better vibes for 2021.

Recently, astrologer Narayana Montúfar partnered with shopping app Klarna to speak on the ways that your star sign can influence your shopping decisions, be it expanding your wardrobe, your beauty routine, or your home decor. "Each one of the 12 star signs owns an element, a modality, and a planetary rulership — creating a particular energy with certain characteristics," she explains. "These characteristics can be matched to basically anything in the material world when looking at colors, fabrics, materials, and overall vibe."

So how exactly can this be applied to your next home makeover? "For example, Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by explosive Mars, so Aries natives usually feel attracted to reds, bright oranges, and places that are full of energy and movement," Montúfar says. "Aries natives need action, so for them, it’s necessary to have a designated space to work out and release some steam. On the opposite spectrum, we have Pisces, a mutable water sign ruled by dreamy Neptune, so these natives would normally put more effort and money in picking their bedsheets and setting up their place for restful breaks. They feel attracted to blues and light greens, literally the colors of their ethereal planetary ruler."

The aforementioned examples are general for those zodiac signs, but Montúfar's specific predictions for 2021 can also be manifested by your next decor decision. To learn exactly what she's recommending you to try next to enhance your astrological theme for the new year, see ahead.

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Home Upgrades For Your Star Sign: Aries

"Aries’ 2021 theme is healing and acceptance, so any items like candles, a crystal-weighted blanket, aromatherapy, and anything that focuses on the spiritual journey are welcome additions to your home," says Montúfar.

Home Upgrades For Your Star Sign: Taurus

"As the rebel of the zodiac in 2021, Taurus’ theme is activism and social change," explains the astrologer. That said, bulls might want to consider looking for upgrades that are made with sustainability and ethics in mind. For example, seek out small, Black-owned brands and those that support social causes.

Home Upgrades For Your Star Sign: Gemini

"This is a very important year for Geminis in which your curiosity will be at an all-time high, so anything that helps you get to know yourself is useful," Montúfar says. "A journal, an astrology chart, or thought-provoking art piece would be an ideal addition to your space in this life-changing year."

Home Upgrades For Your Star Sign: Cancer

"Cancer’s 2021 theme is introspection and deep transformation as you embrace your sign’s bold tenacity," explains Montúfar. "Focusing on ensuring that spaces in your home like the lounge and bathroom have a sense of calm and reflection, where you could meditate, would be in-tune with this year’s theme. This could be a bathrobe or bath salts for your bathroom space, or tarot deck, cozy throw blanket, or comfortable new couch for your living space." Another great option? A stylish meditation pillow that reminds you to maintain your mindfulness practices while adding to your decor.

Home Upgrades For Your Star Sign: Leo

"This is a year that will test Leo’s flexibility and power of adaptability, so anything that helps blow off steam is welcome," the astrologer shares. "Creating space in your home for workouts — and stocking it with equipment, such as arm weights or a yoga mat, anything you need to channel your energy — is ideal." For example, this gold u-shaped barre weight basically doubles as art.

Home Upgrades For Your Star Sign: Virgo

"For you, Virgo, 2021 is all about gadgets that can help you fine-tune your routine," Montúfar says. "Technology will be a huge theme for you, so keep an eye on newly released items that can make your life easier, such as a self-cleaning water bottle or a Wi-Fi enabled air fryer." If you've been waiting to upgrade your music situation, this might be the perfect time to invest in a stylish bluetooth speaker.

Home Upgrades For Your Star Sign: Libra

"Play and fun are in store for Libra in 2021," Montúfar says. "Libras are encouraged to connect to their creative muse, so painting supplies or a mixology set, as well as a camera and even design classes, are perfect for 2021." The latest Polaroid models not only offer instant artistic gratification, but they also look great sitting on shelves.

Home Upgrades For Your Star Sign: Scorpio

"Scorpio, since your theme for 2021 is surprises, get ready to get out of your comfort zone," the astrologer says. While this means outdoor adventures (mountain biking or skydiving) when you're outside the home, for decor, it could be an excuse to go for bold colors and shapes with furniture and accessories.

Home Upgrades For Your Star Sign: Sagittarius

"Sag’s 2021 journey is shapeshifting and releasing the old to welcome the new," explains Montúfar. "Find ways to explore new destinations (even if extensive travel isn’t possible in 2021) and a new side of yourself with items that transport you like travel photo prints or destination-inspired decor." A vintage map offers a chic way to manifest this idea.

Home Upgrades For Your Star Sign: Capricorn

"Capricorn’s 2021 journey is all about manifesting abundance," says Montúfar. How to do it? Decorate with a money tree or invest in some seriously luxe linens, the astrologer suggests.

Home Upgrades For Your Star Sign: Aquarius

"This is your year, Aquarius, so step into the spotlight by surrounding yourself with shiny things and anything that will help the world see how innovative and future-forward you are," Montúfa says. "A selfie stick, a new camera, and gold accents for your home are a must this year." Update your bathroom and get super-flattering lighting for all that content creating with this rose gold LED vanity mirror that checks all the boxes.

Home Upgrades For Your Star Sign: Pisces

"This year is full of romance for Pisces, so seek out pink and soft pastels and retro, relaxed, romantic silhouettes for your home [...] to go with the love you’ll feel in your life," shares the astrological expert. Sweet vintage accents, like this lavender mushroom lamp, add the perfect feminine touch.