This Candle Company Created A Scent For Every Birthdate

Birthdate Co.

Having a bout of post-holiday blues? Good thing the gift of self-care is always in season. And if you're looking for a way to treat yourself and create a little customized ambience in your home, Birthdate Co. has just the thing: birthdate candles with scents inspired by astrology, numerology, and tarot.

Candles have long been a go-to, feel-good home decor item for all, but lately they've been especially valued by those hunkering down because of winter weather as well as COVID-19 safety precautions. In fact, new brands and novelty candles (looking at you, Gwyneth Paltrow/Heretic) have been particularly in demand. That said, Birthdate Co.'s are unlike anything you've already got in your collection, because they're custom designed just for you.

As the brand's founder Ajay Mehta explains, inspiration for the 365-scent collection came from its desire to offer customers something comforting and personalized as a way to wind-down and de-stress in the current climate. "Candles and fragrance are very special — they let you make your space your own, and soothe your soul whether first thing in the morning or unwinding after a long day," he says. "We wanted to take that feeling of uniqueness and intimacy that fragrance brings even further — by crafting a scent and candle made just for you based on what your birthday and birth chart says about your personality."

So how exactly did the company come up with each unique scent? "We worked with a team of expert astrologers and consulted astrological readings to determine the elements, flowers, plants, oils, and more that are a perfect fit for each birthdate and sign's astrology," says Mehta. "Then, we worked with a team of master perfumers to develop custom all-natural fragrances containing those ingredients that are perfectly tailored for someone born on that specific day." For example, the Piscean daydreamers born on March 18 will be transported to a fairytale wilderness scene via notes of cedarwood, thyme, and jasmine. and creative spirits born on October 20 can immerse themselves in a field of flowers with notes of waterlily and hydrangea, grounded with neroli — and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The Birthdate candle isn't just a great way to treat yourself, it's already buzzing as a perfect gift for loved ones in your life, which makes sense considering the popularity of celestial jewelry and other astrological gifts this past holiday season. No matter who you're in the mood to celebrate, the act of finding out what curated scent was inspired by a given date is a pleasure in itself — the spot-on atmosphere it creates for your next indulgent bath or cozy reading session at home? That's the cherry on top.

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