Curious About Crystals? An Energy Expert Breaks Down The Basics

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They're beautiful, they're trendy, they're mysteriously spiritual — but what are crystals actually supposed to do for you? For anyone dipping their toes into the wellness space, learning the basics of healing crystals could lead to a welcome addition to their mindful practices and daily self-care rituals. But where should you start?

Admittedly, there's a lot to learn about crystals: The various types, what they're best used for, and the different ways you could use them. Of course it should be said that energetic healing practices — including the use of crystals — haven't exactly been scientifically validated. According to a Time article from 2017, significant research on potential health properties of crystals has yet to be done, but a study from 2001 showed that at the very least they could have a psychological effect, meaning that if you're open-minded to the idea, crystals can simply make you feel good. (According to Time, the study has not been published but rather was presented at the European Congress of Psychology in Rome.)

That said, bio-energy healers like Claudia Chirico — who frequently works with wellness brand Before Noon (which now offers a collection of crystals and tool boxes on West Elm) — believe crystals are far more powerful. According to Chirico, they can act as tools for harnessing a desired energy, such as openness to receiving love, starting a new career or looking to advance one's career, tapping into creativity, or even simply creating a more soothing space.

Before getting into the basics of a few great starter crystals, one thing Chirico mentions is cleansing whatever type you settle on. You can do this using sage or palo santo. After cleansing, you can hold the crystal in your hands and set your intention. And if you wish to "charge" your crystal, the energy healer says you can leave yours on the window sill during a full moon, or allow it to soak up sunlight (but only for a brief period of time, as not to fade it).

As for where/how to use crystals, Chirico says you can keep them on your person (in your pocket or purse) for grounding, place one beside you during meditation, tuck one under your pillow, or even leave out on your work desk, to name just a few ideas. With all that in mind, read ahead to figure out which healing stone might be a good fit for your intentions — or someone else's, as crystals can also make a perfectly mindful gift.


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The Basics On Healing Crystals: Rose Quartz

"Rose quartz is known as the love stone, master healer of the heart," explains Chirico. "[It] stimulates/ amplifies/ promotes love, peace, compassion, empathy, kindness, and forgiveness." Looking to try this stone? The healer says it's safe to place one on your heart to promote healing and calm hurt feelings, but you might also like to wear one as a piece of jewelry, tuck in your pocket or purse, or place anywhere in your home that could use a little more love.

The Basics On Healing Crystals: Green Aventurine

"Green Aventurine is a very calming, comforting, soothing, and healing crystal that helps harmonize the emotions in the heart," says Chirico. If you're looking to attract love, luck, abundance, and success, this might be a good one to try.

The Basics On Healing Crystals: Malachite

Chirico says that Malachite can promote love, safety, trust, hope, and harmony within the heart, but it's also great for creating a feeling of protection and clearing negative energy.

The Basics On Healing Crystals: Citrine

Want something that's conducive to a productive work space? Try citrine, which Chirico says can attract abundance and wealth and boost your energy and creativity.

The Basics On Healing Crystals: Tigers Eye

For grounding, calming, and balancing effects, Chirico suggests Tigers Eye, which can also connect to your creative power. Place it at your desk or in your living space, or — if you want to use it on your body — place a piece on your abdomen or hold in your hand for support.

The Basics On Healing Crystals: Amethyst

For any room that could use more soothing, grounding energy, Chirico says amethyst can be particularly powerful. "It relieves stress, fears, and anxieties and balances mood swings," she explains. "Amethyst is a tranquil stone which helps you open and connect to your inner peace and healing abilities, spiritual awareness, and intuition."

The Basics On Healing Crystals: Clear Quartz

For those who practice meditation, Chirico suggests investing in a piece of clear quartz. "[It] clears away negative energy within yourself and your space, creating and amplifying feelings of positivity, light, harmony, and peace." Place it beside you when you're practicing, or in any room that could benefit from some good vibes.

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