Intimidated By The Tie Trend? Start With These 6 Easy Outfit Ideas

Take notes.

Imani Randolph tie trend
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In case you missed it, this year’s hottest accessory is a tie. The menswear-inspired style dominated the runways and streets during Fall/Winter 2023 fashion month, with A-listers like Jenna Ortega and Florence Pugh both recently wearing it too. Even though ties are having their moment, make no mistake: women have worn them for decades. Diane Keaton arguably pioneered the look in the 1977 film Annie Hall, while style icons like Princess Diana and Julia Roberts embraced the style in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Now that the accent is popping up in all over the fashion scene, you’re likely wondering: how does one wear the piece? Fortunately, with some expert advice ahead, the 9-to-5 staple is easier to pull off than you may think.

Designer Daniella Kallmeyer is a wealth of knowledge in this area, as she recently incorporated ties into her namesake label’s Pre-Fall 2023 collection. One of the looks she created, which features a button-down blouse with a detachable tie, is loved by fashion insiders like stylist Caitlin Burke. “She did the full indigo suit with the cobalt striped shirt and tie matching and completely embraced the full power look,” the founder says, referring to the outfit below. For a more casual approach to wearing her ties, the designer says her favorite way to style them is with an oversized shirt, tailored blazer, and slouchy vintage jeans. Her tip: Keep the shirt untucked or go for a half tuck. “To me, there’s a nonchalant [attitude] to that, which makes it kind of sexy,” she explains.

Moreover, New York-based stylist Calvy Click notes that wearing a tie for the first time can feel a little stiff, but subverting the look a bit makes it less uniform-like and more fashionable. “Start by pairing it with a sleeveless button-up, wearing it looser and completely un-done, or picking a style that’s not-so-serious in a knit, wider cut, or fun material,” the expert explains. Plus, she says a tie can be the fun touch to your going-out look. In this case, follow Pugh’s lead and try wearing the accessory with a sultry, slightly revealing top.

Dominik Bindl/WireImage/Getty Images

If you’re still unsure of how to rock the polarizing piece, Click offers some wise advice: “Try on a few outfits that feel familiar and see what adding a tie does to the look.” For starters, the stylist encourages you to consider questions like, “Is it more of a fun or serious accessory? Do you want it to be the hero of your outfit or a supporting character? “There are so many ways to wear and style a tie, but don’t get overwhelmed; start by looping one on and seeing what makes you feel your best,” she adds.

For more outfit ideas, keep scrolling ahead to find six influencer-approved looks to try.

Suit Up

Have an event coming up? Instead of wearing a dress and necklace, rock an unexpected suit and tie look. It may feel like an intimidating combination, but as influencer Imani Randolph demonstrates, it’s worth the risk.

Matchy Matchy

One easy way to create a cohesive outfit is by coordinating a jacket with your shoes, as seen on influencer Maria Bernad. Once you have those pieces picked out, add on of-the-moment accessories, like a tie and fuzzy bag.

Print Overload

As Click points out, it helps to stick with a formula that aligns with your personal style. If you’re a maximalist, for example, this can mean mixing multiple prints into one look, like stripes and checkerboard.

Timeless Palette

A black-and-white color scheme will always be classic and refined, especially when it involes a tie. Opt for a pair of straight-leg jeans to give the outfit a modern slant.

Old & New

Don’t currently own a tie? Raid your dad’s closet, and I’m sure you can dig up a few options. Try styling his accessory with a new spring piece, like a denim maxi skirt.

Double Down On Plaid

Consider test driving a school girl look with a plaid skirt. Then, throw on the timeless accessory in a similar shade to tie — pun intended — your look together.