This Is The Only Top To Wear With Baggy Jeans

It’s been confirmed.

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The thing about fashion is, well, no matter how much you object, polarizing trends always come back. Lately, tops of all sorts are getting smaller and more revealing by the minute (looking at you, Jacquemus), while denim is roomier than it’s been in two decades. Though the lower and upper halves of your outfit might not be on the same page these days, it turns out, the contrasting proportions balance one another out quite nicely. In fact, the fashion set is making a convincing case for a going-out top and slouchy jeans outfit formula.

“We, as women, are often subjected to the standards that society has previously set upon us, that we need to be in tight, fitted, professional clothes to be considered presentable,” notes Danielle Guizio, the founder of her eponymous New York-based label of the current shift in proportions. “Comfort comes first for me and I personally feel more confident when I’m wearing garments that aren’t tugging at me in the wrong places. You can still look and feel put together with slouchy jeans on. It’s a feeling above all.”

For more casual occasions, Guizio suggests pairing fitted knitwear like her Exposed Seam Bra and Rib Knit Shrug Cardigan together with a baggy silhouette on the bottom. “I like the contrast of the fits and relaxed energy,” she explains. For dressier settings, she suggests something more structured for contrast. “Corsets in the olden days were meant to be worn under extravagant gowns, so to pair a corset with casual denim has always felt a bit rebellious to me in terms of new-age design.”

Ahead, learn more about the art of pairing a going-out top and slouchy jeans. Whether your night ends at 2 a.m. at a small-town dive bar or you’re in for a chill conversation over espresso martinis, you’ll fit right in with the crowd.

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Easy Breezy

Looking to show a bit of skin? A cropped open-back top will allow just that. It might not be super practical in the winter, but that’s where a puffer jacket comes into play. Add slouchy jeans in the mix to balance out your tiny top (specifically, low-rise if you’re feeling bold).

Simple Separates

Don’t overlook the power of simple separates. In fact, a fitted black top paired with roomy jeans is attention-grabbing, yet still relaxed. Complete the look with strappy sandals or try chunky moto boots come winter.

Intriguing Details

Unique, eye-catching details make all the difference when it comes to a playful evening ensemble. Try an unexpected exposed-bra top (courtesy of Tae Park) and slit jeans. Finish off with simple accessories to keep the streamlined vibe consistent throughout your look.

Ladylike, Yet Edgy

When you’re putting together an outfit for a night out, you can’t go wrong with a long-sleeve bustier top. Instead of pairing the blouse with a mini skirt, try a pair of distressed jeans. The mix of polish and edge keeps things interesting.

Show Some Skin

If you haven’t yet explored the idea of wearing your bralette out and about like a top, here’s your chance to do so. As shown above, loose jeans help to make the outfit feel balanced. Throw an oversized blazer on top for a polished touch.

Sweater Weather

Unless you live somewhere that’s warm all year round (lucky you!), a sweater or coat is an essential component of your going-out ensemble. Stay warm and on-trend by opting for a matching sweater set. And if you’re a rule-breaker, sport a pair of white jeans this season.

Nighttime Bralette

While your plain bralette is probably mostly worn layered under sheer tops for extra coverage, consider styling it for a night out. To do this, layer a blazer over the intimate, and finish off with slouchy denim and cool platforms.

Hint Of Ruffles

If you have a ruffled, floral top, a pair of loose jeans will make the outfit feel a bit more casual. For your shoes, consider a pair of Converse or Nike sneakers to add a sporty spin.


Lately, the fashion set is loving cool bustier tops — especially the styles from emerging label KNWLS. Though the top is perfect for evenings out, it can also be worn on a typical Tuesday afternoon. In fact, with the addition of an oversized blazer and embroidered denim, a bustier can work for the office.

Of-The-Moment Silhouettes

By the looks of it, cutout tops are only getting more popular this winter. Depending on what style you choose, the silhouette is attention-grabbing enough on its own. Therefore, relaxed loose jeans are a great bottom to ground the piece. Accessorize with bright colors if you’re feeling wild.

Crafty Feel

Crochet might shine during the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue sporting the crafty material during the colder months, too. If you’re curious about how to wear your favorite multi-color knit top in the fall, try pairing the piece with a fringe jacket, baggy jeans, and ankle boots.

Funky Accessories

If your silk cami top and jeans combination needs a little sprucing up, lean on funky accessories. A tie-dye bucket hat and cow-print handbag give the outfit a sense of playfulness, without coming off too trendy.