Crochet Isn’t Just A Hobby, It’s Summer’s Defining Trend

It’s the latest ‘70s trend to come back.

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If you’re one to keep close tabs on the trends your favorite fashion influencers are wearing on social media, then you’ve probably noticed a lot of ‘70s references — including platform boots, flared pants, and most recently, the crochet trend. According to Laura Jayne Vince, founder of Stone Label, “crochet was such a big trend in the ‘70s, and over the past year, we have been inspired by this era.” And while there are plenty of vintage options available for curious shoppers, emerging designers and at-home crafters are finding love for the craft anew, too.

“During the pandemic, whether to pass time, disconnect from a screen, or cope with anxiety, I know many people who have for the first time picked up one of these crafts like knitting and crocheting over the past year,” Ella Wiznia, founder of The Series, tells TZR of the increased interest around homespun hobbies. “When I was in treatment for an eating disorder, most of the patients took up either knitting or crochet because of its soothing benefits.”

Delsy Gouw, founder of Instagram-favorite knitwear accessories label Memorial Day, turned her own crocheting hobby into a business after losing her job in the midst of COVID-19. Now, her hats and bikinis are seen on trendsetters like Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Ella Emhoff. “The way crochet is done is truly so intricate, unique, and is made to last," Gouw told TZR in February about the technique. "Crochet can only be done by hand so I think there is something special about having an accessory that is unique and handmade."

As you’re preparing your wardrobe for summer, now is the perfect time to discover fresh ways to style crochet pieces. Below, find how 11 influencers are currently wearing the trend.

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Beach Ready

When you’re spending time on the beach or lake this summer, you’ll want to make sure you wear clothing that’s lightweight and comfy. For this, an excellent option is a loose crochet vest. You’ll feel a nice breeze through the open weave, and it’s an easy layering piece to throw on over a bikini top.

Funky Fringe

Try a modern take on crochet and forgo the traditional square patterning and pick a colorful printed top with a funky fringe detail for a little extra oomph. Wear it with casual denim, or go for an out-of-the-box look and layer it over a simple dress as shown on the model below.

Halterneck Style

For a nostalgic look that’s more ‘90s than ‘70s, choose a simple, sleek silhouette like a crop top or halter neck. The less material, the better. Couple an itty bitty crochet top with denim shorts or a mini skirt for an easy, chic ensemble.

Bra As A Top

If you’re eager to try out the bra-as-a-top trend this summer but not sure where to start, consider tight-woven crochet or knit options. The thick material will have you covered up in all the right places. For those wanting extra coverage, throw an unbuttoned bowling shirt over the top.

Top It Off

If you don’t want to lean too heavily into the craft aesthetic, try adding a simple accessory like a crochet bucket hat or bag. It’s a way to add texture to simple jeans and tee without feeling too kitschy.

Back To School

If you wore a school uniform growing up, it likely consisted of a polo shirt and pleated skirt. Make your elementary ensemble feel grown-up by opting for a luxe crochet top with a relaxed silhouette and a pleated midi skirt to finish off the look.

Stick To Neutrals

While vintage crochet pieces tend to be super colorful, there are plenty of modern options for a more streamlined look. If neutrals are more your thing, go for a knit in cream and beige hues, and finish off the look with white denim.

Grandma Style

Easily make a chunky vest or poncho feel less retro by pairing it with biker shorts. Then, tie everything together with a handbag or shoe in one of the shades displayed on the multi-colored top.

Fresh Pattern

Not a fan of florals? You can still rock an eye-catching printed midi this summer with a cool chevron knit style. Complete the outfit with strappy sandals and you’re ready to take on the day.

Thrift The Look

If you’re looking to get your hands on an original crochet piece that dates back to the ‘70s, head over to your nearest thrift shop and start searching through the racks. Alternatively, check out Etsy, Depop, or vintage site Collect23 for vintage dresses that you can wear with simple accessories.

Throw On And Go

For those days when you’re usual tops feel too heavy on your skin, try a loose-weave crochet top you can throw on. The texture and cut feel dressier than a tank, and you can layer a bra underneath for additional coverage.

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