Rihanna Dressed Up Her Sweat Shorts With The Most Sparkly Shoes

They’re so unique.

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Rihanna wearing an oversized shirt
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When you go to the movie theaters, you’ll likely wear a comfortable outfit so you’re not twisting and turning in your seat 10 minutes into the trailers. Everyone has their own style formula, whether it be leggings with an oversized knit sweater or a cozy cashmere set. For Rihanna, who went to the movies with A$AP Rocky on Dec. 29, she likes to opt for a casual pairing of a hoodie with sweat shorts. The laid-back ensemble was then slightly dressed up by Rihanna’s sparkly green sneakers and brown furry coat.

The singer certainly knows how to make a statement with her footwear choices. In the past, she’s worn heels with sweats and Gucci clogs with maximalist printed pants. This time, her Swarovski crystal-covered shoes — also known as the Cactus Plant Flea Market x Swarovski x Nike Dunk Low Spiral Sage kicks (say that five times fast!) — not only added some necessary sparkle to her neutral slate gray ensemble, but it was also a comfortable choice for the movies. Meanwhile, A$AP Rocky wore a black leather bomber jacket and similar dark-hued pants with sneakers. The duo appeared to maintain a low profile at the theater, as RiRi had her hood up and gazed downwards. For fans who are wondering what movie the couple watched, perhaps they took in the latest Avatar film?


The next time you’re struggling with what to wear to the movies, throw on similar pieces to RiRi’s look above. If you’re worried about your legs getting cold since it’s winter, swap the sweat shorts for a lengthier bottom. In addition, TZR managed to track down the singer’s exact pair of sneakers and as one would predict, they are quite luxe. The unique Nike low-tops range from $7,504 to $9,950, depending on what size you are, via GOAT — an online resale marketplace for covetable sneakers.

If this shoe isn’t within your shopping budget at the moment (you spent all your money on gifts for the holidays!), you can find similar sparkly sneakers from labels like Vans and Alexander McQueen ahead.

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