Adele’s Glittery New Take On French Tips Totally Revives The Classic Trend

But not without a twist.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images
Adele nails

After 43 sets of shows on her massive Weekends With Adele concert residency series in Las Vegas, fans look forward to seeing what sort of fashion and beauty looks the singer will show up in almost as much as they do the live performance. Without fail, Adele always emerges on stage in a breathtaking black gown, a creative manicure, and a different hairstyle for every block of performances — endless inspiration for every formal event on your calendar. Her latest look, though, might be the coolest yet. Adele’s black and gold nails might seem like another minimalist take on the French manicure at first glance, but there’s a blink-and-miss-it detail that takes the set to a new level.

Adele, in her usual post-show custom, shared a set of photos from Weekend 43 right after it wrapped, a collection of on-stage and behind-the-scenes shots alike. In the very first image, her longtime photographer Raven B. Varona captured the star getting a final makeup touchup, which included a close-up look at her manicure. Adele opted for her usual long, almond-shaped set with glossy black French tips, but there’s a thin, delicate stretch of gold polish — almost like a glittery lasso — outlining each nail.

@adele / @ravieb
@adele / @ravieb

The gold outline was obviously layered on with unbelievable precision by celebrity manicurist Zola Ganzorigt, giving the nails a bespoke, intricate feel. At the same time, the ring of polish is so slinky and gossamer-light that it’s still a remarkably minimalist look — more like a fresh update to Adele’s beloved French tip looks than an entirely new creation.

Remixing classic tips is one of Adele’s favorite aesthetic moves, actually. Over the course of her lengthy residency, the singer showed off a “vertical” French manicure that featured a distinctive color split right down the center of each nail, along with coffin-shaped takes. But no matter what style she goes for, Adele almost always sticks to her preferred ultra-sophisticated color palette of black, white, milky nudes, rich browns, and deep reds.

Fortunately for music and beauty fans alike, Adele is sticking around Vegas for a while. She wraps up the record-breaking residency just ahead of Thanksgiving, leaving plenty more weekends for headline-making manicures and heartfelt ballads.