Kourtney Kardashian’s Vegas Makeup Is Giving Us KUWTK Season One Vibes

She makes 2007 makeup actually look good.

You’d never know it by her forever-young visage, of course, but a lot’s changed with Kourtney Kardashian since she first sauntered across our screens in 2007 as her then-more famous sister’s quick-witted, cutting foil. One of the most noticeable visual changes about Kardashian these days (aside from the brood of adorable children following her around the globe, anyway) is her hair and makeup — and that goes for her sisters as well. But new photos from a trip to Vegas prove Kardashian’s original ‘00s makeup still really works, and she knows it.

While celebrity makeup and hair these days is typically a carefully calibrated version of natural glam, back when the show really hit its stride at the dawn of the 2010s, popular hair and makeup was all about a more-is-more philosophy: smoky eyeshadow, thick liner, lots of lashes, bold brows, and glossy, nude lips. It became the Kardashians’ signature beauty look, along with with extra-long hair styled in sexy waves and curls, typically accompanied by a bandage dress and platform heels — truly a glorious era, one I miss every day. And apparently Kardashian misses it too because she wore a near-perfect replica of her hair and makeup from Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ early heyday.

Exhibit A: Kardashian’s photographed from the show’s first season premiere. Please note her larger-than-life curls, long lashes, and smoky shadow:

Jeff Vespa/WireImage/Getty Images

And now, behold the look she wore in Vegas this weekend on a trip with boyfriend Travis Barker, and you’ll instantly clock the aesthetic similarities (with the exception of her vampire fang grill, natch):


It’s an updated (and arguably upgraded) version of her OG glam but it’s a callback to the golden years regardless — she just has higher quality lashes, more sculpted contour, and significantly improved shadow blending now. And really, looking back at all of our 2007 photos, it’s probably a collective improvement. Lots of good-natured jokes have been made about the Kardashian sisters’ taking on pieces of their new boyfriends’ aesthetics (you know, like the vampire fangs?) but this proves the real Kardashian isn’t going anywhere.