Kim Kardashian Would *Never* Wear This Early-'00s Trend Now

by Danielle Naer
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All the best fashion icons have endured some sort of style evolution. Blake Lively jumped from schoolgirl skirts to three-piece suits; Meghan Markle traded sultry red-carpet looks for royal coat dresses. Sometimes, it takes a nostalgic old photo to remind us of just how much has changed — and the latest to go viral is providing a major double-take. As proven by her latest Instagram, Kim Kardashian's personal style was so different in the throwback photo she posted — shifting over the years with the changing trends and, along the way, nailing down her own distinct look.

On May 27, Kim posted a circa-2005 photograph, presumably at her brother Rob's high school graduation (as implied by a much-younger Kylie, who's goofily wearing a grad cap). The snapshot, which Kim captioned "FAM," features the whole Kar-Jenner clan, while also putting Kim's then-style perfectly on display. The TV personality wore a paisley-printed tank, layered under a translucent, v-neck blouse with contrast trim. She finished the ensemble with a pair of chunky teardrop earrings that totally signaled the aughts trend. The look is rife with statement pieces, which ticks a box with Kim's bold personality — and yet, it totally juxtaposes the looks we've come attuned to seeing the now-beauty mogul in.

To give perspective into just how much has changed, it's worth comparing this ensemble to Kim's most recent string of public appearances, which came over Paris Fall/Winter 2020 Fashion Week in February. There were several occasions that required Kim's presence over the course of the week, from Balmain's runway show to Yeezy's Sunday church service performance. Throughout the whole stent, Kim stayed true to a slew of bold latex looks, turning out in head-to-toe caramel, mauve, and more. The glossy, solid fabrics offer a stark contrast to the texture-varying, print-loaded look from Kim's past, showing just how much the entrepreneur's taste has evolved in that time. Even her hairstyle has made huge jumps — her past years were dominated by cool blowouts and side-swept bangs, but, now, she's stepped up to yard-long ponytails and blunt, silky bobs.

NurPhoto/NurPhoto/Getty Images
NurPhoto/NurPhoto/Getty Images

In conclusion, Kim always looks great — but, as her style journey continues to unfold, we can't help but get excited for what's next.

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