Kendall Jenner’s Vacation Hairstyle Features The Cutest Hidden Detail

And it’s *so* easy to recreate.

Kendall Jenner beach vacation in a colorful bikini flower in her hair

If vacationing were an Olympic sport, the Kardashian-Jenners would take the gold every time. Years of comfy-chic (private) plane outfits, luxe resorts, glittering poolside accessories, and of course, enough bathing suit inspiration to fill a thousand mood boards prove they’re practically professionals at this point. And, as any beach-going beauty lover will tell you, one of the most underrated parts of any tropical getaway is the chance to experiment with hybrid earthy-glam hairstyles, makeup, and outfits for evenings. This week, Kendall Jenner’s vacation baby braids became an all-time Kardashian-Jenner holiday look while on a girls trip to Cabo San Lucas.

In pictures uploaded to her Instagram story, the model shows off her waist-length, sun-warmed beach waves with a few tiny braids woven in on either ride of her center part. Braided less than halfway down the length of her hair, the clear rubber hair ties and extended ends add the illusion of even more length and fullness. It’s the ultimate vacation look: low effort but offering maximum payoff. Ever in sync, fellow trip attendee Hailey Bieber, barely out of frame, went for another simple, chill style with a tight slicked-back bun, parted in the center and pinned low — the easiest (and sleekest) way to disguise post-pool hair.


Jenner’s outfit and makeup were equally in-step with her breezy hair, too. Dressed in a textured, cream-colored cutout tank and matching trousers, she marries the quintessential beige beach color palette to disco-inspired sex appeal. Jenner’s makeup was minimal, with a light bronzer cheek contour and some high-shine nude lip gloss. The look was shared in tandem with a grid post photo dump of favorite moments from her trip so far, including reading by the pool in another two-piece pants set, one seriously killer blue-and-green bikini, and the bucket hat to end all bucket hats. It’s clear that Jenner’s vacation style is a perfect reflection of her personality — and if we’re going to get this much summer beauty inspiration from one trip, here’s to hoping she takes one every other week.

Kendall Jenner

To get Kendall Jenner’s touchable, beach waves with baby braid detail, the key is tying off the braid no more than halfway down your hair to let the ends flow seamlessly into the other waves. For the waves themselves, nothing works better than tropical humidity and some ocean water, but that’s obviously hard to come by. To fake it, wet hair with handfuls of water at a time (it’s easier to control than sticking your head under a tap and will dry in a more defined wave) and spritz with a salt spray, like Verb’s new Sea Spray which was formulated to mimic the look of hair tousled by an island breeze. If you can’t physically be on vacation in Cabo, the next best thing is to look like you are.

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