Verb Is Launching A New Collection For Curly Hair — Here’s When You Can Shop It


If something is worth doing, it's worth doing it right. You wouldn't slap your name on something that's half-baked, and the same goes for any beauty brand that's actually worthy of buying into. Speaking of, one cult-loved hair care line is finally debuting something that it's been secretly cooking up for the past three years — so you can rest assured that it's going to be really, really good. Verb's new Curl Collection is coming very soon to care for your curls, coils, and waves for the first time ever, so you can finally get luscious, healthy hair at its crowd-adored accessible price point.

Austin-based, millennial-owned hair care brand Verb's philosophy is simple: Bridge the gap between budget-friendly and luxe hair products by giving its consumers an array of easy-to-use and affordably-priced styling essentials that work. Its top selling Ghost Oil weightlessly smooths strands as well as high-end salon brands, and its recent Reset line of detoxing products is quickly gaining fans for rehabbing tired strands for less than you'd expect. The next step in its quest for accessibility? Introducing a complete line of curl-loving products that support and celebrate those bouncy, textured locks without breaking the bank.

Verb's new Curl Collection lands on its website on Oct. 10 with an expansion on its bestselling Curl Cream to give you a full suite of hydrating, curl-supporting products. Alongside the existing curl-holding styling cream, you'll find a gently cleansing shampoo, a repairing conditioner, and a leave-in conditioner that detangles and weightlessly moisturizes and enhances your hair's natural texture — all with Verb's usual $16 price tag. From shower to styling, your curls have never felt so supported (and your bank account's never been happier).

"Curly hair is one of the most difficult hair textures to get right, not only because each curl is unique but because everyone's desire for their curls are different." Verb Founding Member, Claire Moses said in an official statement. "At Verb, we create products that make your natural hair look and feel better. That look and feel is different for everyone and we always want to be known for celebrating that."

The secret to such effective hydration that doesn't stop your curls from doing their thing? Sunflower seed extract, which is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E for follicle-deep moisture that also strengthens and provides UV protection. Add to that coconut oil and shea butter, and you've got a supremely softening, supportive cocktail.

The new line's shampoo gently cleanses without affecting your curls' bounce and shape, while also balancing your scalp to cut back on dryness and discomfort. Follow the cleansing formula with the Curl Conditioner to repair damage and reseal strands to support shine and softness, and use the two stylers to enhance the unique structure of your hair without weighing it down — ensuring you get the style you're after.

Pre-order Verb's new Curl Collection below, so you can be among the first to have these fresh products in your styling kit.