How R+Co’s Newest Launch Keeps Humidity From Ruining Your Summer Hairstyles


There's a reason why anyone with long hair often throws their tresses up in a bun during the summer; and no, it's not just the heat. As you probably know, warm weather and humidity can absolutely wreck even the most polished of hair styles — breezing through hair spray, pomade, and gel as if they weren't even there. And with the official start of summer now just a month away, it's time to check out R+Co's MOON LANDING Anti-Humidity Spray, which dropped online May 15. Hailing from the cult-famous R+Co collective, the new spray promises to protect your strands from the muggiest weather; all you need to do is shake the bottle, take aim, and spray a lightweight coat all over your 'do.

OK, that may sound way too good to be true. (Especially if you live in a place where the humidity makes you feel like you're swimming the second you step outside.) But R+Co's MOON LANDING formula appears to back up its hair-protecting claim. Inside one $32 aerosol spray bottle is a cocktail of frizz-repelling ingredients: sea buckthorn oil, buriti oil, and tocopherol — the very same vitamin found in R+Co’s recently-reformulated BEL AIR Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner set. Additionally, R+Co's new spray contains panthenol, a hydrating B5 provitamin also found in hair growth serums.

Courtesy of R+Co

One of MOON LANDING's ingredients is a secret, though: R+Co simply lists it as a polymer blend. According to the product description, the confidential blend is a key component to sealing the moisture you want in your hair while keeping humidity from sneaking in.

Courtesy of R+Co

But the new spray won't just keep your hair chill and under control all summer long — though it will help you there. MOON LANDING also doubles as a finishing mist and a styling product, leaving behind a glossy satin finish and providing your hair with a touch of flyaway-taming hold. And in case you need one more reason to snag the new spray, R+Co also notes in the product description that it's scented with the brand's ROSY EYED fragrance — which mixes together summery fruits like bergamot and wild fig with earthy cedar and lotus flowers.

Below, R+Co's new MOON LANDING Anti-Humidity Spray, available on the brand's website.