Dua Lipa Just Combined Her Two Favorite Manicures Into This Trippy Masterpiece

Mentally, she’s already in July.

Dua Lipa trippy nail art summetime balcony

Serious question — exactly how many hours does Dua Lipa personally have in a day? From the glimpses of the fast-paced life she posts on social media, Lipa manages to lead a global tour, record new music and visuals, shoot for high-profile partnerships, and hang out with her fellow celebrities sometimes all in the same day. But what’s really impressive is the breakneck speed with which she switches up her nail art, which is always decorative, colorful, and unlike anything she’s tried before —and her latest manicure is a combination of a few of her favorite designs. Dua Lipa’s trippy nails, covered in a gradient blend of sunset-colored shades with an icy, textured twist let her wear that creativity where everyone can see it.

The multicolored mani arrives amid Lipa’s world tour for her Grammy-winning album, Future Nostalgia. Amid the jewel-covered Mugler couture costumes and tongue-in-cheek choreography, Lipa is constantly customizing her nails. For a while now, she’s been obsessed with French tips and chrome finishes in all colors but this new manicure combines all of her favorites into one psychedelic swirl. The nails start as a fleshy pink near the cuticles before morphing into a dreamsicle-orange and, eventually, a full-fledged red. The best parts, though, are the 3D veins of silver snaking down each individual nail — of course Lipa has to incorporate a touch of her beloved chrome in the coolest way possible.


As evidenced by her Instagram Story tag, these nails are the work of Kim Truong, a top Hollywood manicurist and one of Lipa’s favorite collaborators. At this point, a touch of chrome — be it gold, silver, or an off-the-wall Lipa-loved shade like snake green or bright orange — is practically synonymous with the singer and her Future Nostalgia era as a whole.

What’s really exciting, too, is the future these nails hint at. Lipa’s looks always heat up come spring and summer — her bikinis, manicures, and accessories dominate news feeds and the actual news alike — and this tequila sunrise-colored nail sets the bar pretty damn high. With time off from touring coming around late June, that extra time and creative energy all but guarantees some mind blowing beauty moments to come. In the meantime, Lipa’s entire Instagram grid basically doubles as a nail art library full of inspiration for your next appointment. For a shortcut to the Lipa look, though, all you need is a hint of chrome.