For Her First Night Out Post-Pregnancy, Ciara Went Big With Her Braids

She is the standard.

Ciara long curls

Even those who have never been pregnant can understand what a big deal Ciara’s latest hairstyle is. On Dec. 17, the “How We Roll” singer gave birth to her daughter Amora, her fourth child with husband Russell Wilson. Ci’s been sharing the entire journey with her fans on social media, but after six long weeks of round-the-clock care, it was finally time for the new mom to have a little bit of Me Time — and a special hairstyle so well suited for the occasion. Ciara’s French curl braids were created especially for her first night out post-baby, the coolest complement to her sultry blouse-blazer combination and blooming fabric rosette sitting at the base of her throat. It’s elegant, it’s comfortable, and it’s the perfect look for Ci’s return to the scene.

In classic Ciara fashion, she dropped a stunning selfie with a quick, cute caption. “Mommy’s 1st Night Out ❤️,” she shared with the post. The jumbo-sized braids themselves would be worthy of hundreds of gushing comments, but it’s the details that really take this style to the next level. There are the several inches of loose hair in springy spiral shapes, of course, but look closely and you’ll notice a few free-flowing, curls falling delicately on either side of her face, too.


Naturally, hordes of Ci’s 35 million followers flocked to the comment section to praise the star’s night-out look, including several celebrities. Nicki Minaj, Rachel Zoe, Lala Anthony, and Kelly Rowland all showed the post some love — and with good reason. The French curl braids are fantastic on their own, but when paired with her very trendy matte-skin-meets-glossy lips makeup, it’s impossible to not double-tap or leave an emoji-filled comment.

As it happens, Ciara’s style is expected to be a big one for spring. French curl braids have been not-so-quietly trending for a while now, but always gain a little more popularity when the weather starts to warm up. Defined by the several inches of curls left loose at the ends — you can use curly braiding hair or just manually make the spirals with a traditional hot tool — the style’s combination of texture, movement, and protection is hard to pass up. It’s not clear which professional is behind Ciara’s specific look, but the precision and overall sleekness is mind-blowing.

If this is how Ciara’s spending late winter, can you even imagine her true spring looks?