Kelly Rowland Looks Like The Queen Of Candyland With This Bright Blue Hair

She’s got the golden ticket.

Kelly Rowland long curtain bangs

When you think of iconic movie character hairstyles, it doesn’t get much more instantly-recognizable than the bouncy little bob worn from 2005’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Falling exactly at chin length and full of movement with every step, the “Willy Wonka haircut” has ascended in our collective consciousness from nightmare fuel to a genuine pop culture touchstone. That’s why even with Gen Z leading man Timothée Chalamet taking over the role, the Wonka Bob is still a massive piece of the entire film franchise. Playing homage to the instantly-recognizable style, Kelly Rowland wore blue hair cut above her shoulders to the new movie’s premiere on Dec. 10 in Los Angeles. Rather than recreate the 2005-era chop exactly, she captured the candy factory spirit with her lollipop-blue wig and fun, funky outfit. You already know her kids, with whom she attended the screening, absolutely loved her fun, technicolor look.

Rowland shared several behind-the-scenes peeks of what it took to bring her vision to life over on Instagram. One shot of the singer posing against a neon yellow backdrop came with the caption, “I gotta golden ticket 😉 Willy Wonka is my childhood favorite!” Her polkadot dress and goggle-style glasses help complete the tribute, nods to accessories seen in the 2005 film as well as Wonka factory backdrops and scenes from the original Gene Wilder portrayal.

Alberto Rodriguez/GA/The Hollywood Reporter/Getty Images

Frankly, Rowland did every version beloved character proud, taking time to have her aquamarine wig carefully installed, cut into that perfect blunt bob, and then styled ahead of the red carpet premiere. The look was created by celebrity hair artist SherriAnn Cole, who regularly works with Rowland along with other A-listers as well as on film and television sets.

Though Rowland went for a blue, blunt bob rather than a brunette one with curled-under ends like in the 2005 film, she’s experimented with that exact look plenty of times before.

Between her penchant for fashion-forward outfit pairings, hairstyles, and her fun-first approach to creativity, who wants to start a petition for her to play Willy Wonka in the franchise’s next iteration?