Rachel Zoe Reveals Her Custom Ben Bridge Jeweler Ring & How To Design Your Own

Bring your dream ring to life.

Written by Michelle Guerrere

Shopping for fine custom jewelry can be just as exciting as it is daunting. After all, creating a piece that’s both timeless and within budget is the ultimate challenge for novices and experts alike. The solution comes from Ben Bridge, a jeweler that specializes in making custom engagement rings that fit every style and budget. With a quality reputation that spans more than 110 years, Ben Bridge knows how to make the customization process seamless.

Your story is unique, so it makes sense to commemorate it with an equally distinct ring design. A customized piece of jewelry is tailored to your (or your partner’s) taste and style — meaning there’s no other ring like it. When you choose to create the piece together, too, you can make a big shopping moment more personalized and meaningful than simply plucking a piece from the jewelry counter.

“Ben Bridge truly makes the customization process so easy. Rachel and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary…I wanted to mark the occasion with a piece of jewelry.” - Rodger Berman

Whether you're shopping for an actual engagement ring or just a special piece to celebrate an important milestone, Ben Bridge can create your ideal ring. Take your style cues from muse Rachel Zoe and her husband, Rodger Berman, who created a custom ring just for her. “Ben Bridge truly makes the customization process so easy,” he says. “Rachel and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in February of this year, and so I knew I wanted to mark the occasion with a piece of jewelry.” Together, the couple created a custom yellow gold ring with oval diamonds and a personalized engraving to honor their family.

Ahead, learn more about the customization process and Zoe’s bespoke piece.

Discover Accessible Luxury

Ben Bridge proves customization doesn’t have to be exclusive. Their expert jewelers can make a stunning, personalized piece on a budget that best suits you, so you don’t have to compromise style for price. Between everyone’s distinct needs and style, one thing remains: Going custom is the solution to making the most memorable gesture. For Rodger, this meant designing Zoe’s dream vintage-inspired ring. “Rachel has always been a lover of statement jewelry, so I really wanted to pick something that would stand out,” he says. “She loves the aesthetic of the ’60s and ’70s, so I wanted the piece to have a vintage feel — but still be timeless enough for her to wear every day.”

Enjoy A Personalized Experience

Shopping for a ring that symbolizes your story should feel personal, and with Ben Bridge, you're in complete control. You’ll have a consultation with your personal jeweler, who will walk you through the process, starting with the selection of your diamond(s), cut, setting, metal type, and more. Renderings of your bespoke ring are then created, so you can see your design before it’s made. You can even include a specialized engraving, which Rodger notes was his favorite part of the process. “I knew I wanted something that would include not only Rachel and myself, but also our boys,” he says. “This ring is really a symbol of all we have accomplished together and what we still want to achieve as husband and wife and parents.”

Build Your Own Timeline

A custom engagement ring can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to create, but Ben Bridge is there every step of the way to ensure your ring is crafted just the way you want it. “Ben Bridge truly makes the customization process so easy,” says Berman. “I decided to create a unique diamond setting for Rachel’s band, and the team was incredibly helpful in bringing my vision to life.” The end result, he adds, was a thoughtfully created ring with sentimental value.

See Your Story

For bespoke jewelry from the Bella Ponte collection, this attention to detail continues even after the ring is finished. Each custom Ben Bridge piece from the Bella Ponte collection comes with a My Story Card, which links to a unique website and shows pictures of your specific ring’s creation. You’ll be able to see it at every step of the journey, from beginning to end.

Discover more about the personalization process at Ben Bridge, and explore styles to pair with your own custom piece below.