Adele’s Courtside Manicure Matches Everything In Her Wardrobe

The perfect polish.

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Adele side-part hair

Despite her massive fame, success, and acclaim, spotting Adele off-stage is still something of a rarity. When she’s not serenading her Las Vegas residency crowd — the show concludes its multi-year run later in 2024 — the star seems to prefer to play things low-key, spending time with her family and decompressing at home in England. If there’s one exception, though, it’s for basketball season. She’s sat courtside more times than you can count, and she’s always done up in an incredible beauty look. Most recently, Adele’s milk bath manicure, seen at the Los Angeles Lakers-Denver Nuggets conference playoff game on April 27, is a brilliant combination of beloved polish shades that blend together to create one major, celebrity-favorite trend.

Adele’s long been known for her incredible taste in nails, which range from traditional and simple to intricate and art-covered. This time around, her nails are a pale, milky fusion of whites, beige-toned nudes, and soft pinks, which create a creamy, neutral shade that matches everything in her all-designer, black-heavy wardrobe. For the playoff game, which she attended with husband Rich Paul, the nails not only off-set her cozy cardigan, but also match the cream-colored pumps seen in the front-row.

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One thing that stays rather consistent across all of Adele’s manicures are the shapes she chooses. Pretty much exclusively, she opts for very long nails filed into a softly rounded almond shape. Sometimes they’re sharper and pointer, and other times — like this Lakers game — she goes for more of an oval style. They’re always extra-long, though, which makes even her more demure color choices feel fun and trendy.

And speaking of trends — it doesn’t get much more in-demand than the milk bath manicure, beloved by celebrities, influencers, and stylish civilians. They’re a regularly-worn favorite of all sorts of A-listers, including Dakota Johnson, Kourtney Kardashian, Selena Gomez, and Eva Longoria. Consider the look the ultimate alternative to classic nudes and whites.

Milky nails and French tips are predicted by experts to be some of summer’s most sought-after nail looks, so Adele — as usual — seems to be well ahead of the curve.