Adele’s Silvery Eyeshadow Makes It Look Like She’s Wearing Liquid Diamonds


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There are basically two categories of celebrity: the unapologetically opulent, and the “I’m just like you” crowd. The thing is, though, the biggest superstars of them all can flip back and forth between both modes with enviable ease. Adele is certainly one. She’s able to enrapture an entire arena with her powerhouse voice while clad in couture in one day, only to shift into a soccer jersey and a fresh, makeup-free face the next. Both versions of the singer are stunning, but Adele’s silver eyeshadow at her final Las Vegas performance of January 2024 is just something special.

A true appreciator of full glam, Adele’s on-stage looks are always maxed out with glamour. She makes tweaks week-to-week, but many of style signatures stick around. Her trademark winged liner, elegant updo, and black evening gown were all there for her Jan. 26 Weekends With Adele show, but her makeup artist, the celebrated Anthony H. Nguyen, topped the star’s lids with a coat of platinum silver eyeshadow that’s so shimmery and metallic, it’s legitimately mesmerizing. With her hair up, leaving only gently-curled bangs cascading down, all the focus could be on that spangly, sparkly eye makeup. It’s a rather appropriate color choice, too, considering all four of Adele’s studio albums have each gone platinum several times over.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The luminous eyeshadow not only matched Adele’s smash-hit record certifications, but also the rest of her on-stage look. The color was mirrored in the silver jewel outlines on her bedazzled dress as well as her long, tapered manicure.

The “Easy On Me” singer can often be seen wearing shimmery shades on her eyes, but this starker silver color is lighter and more attention-grabbing than usual. It also happens to be very much on-trend. Social media — TikTok included — has been utterly transfixed by frosty makeup all season, loving the way it reflects the freezing winter weather. If you have some February parties on the books, copying Adele’s icy eyeshadow is a smart, chic move.

It’s hard to believe that Weekends With Adele is going on its 36th set of shows in Las Vegas, and even more difficult to wrap your mind around all the hair, makeup, manicures, and styling required to keep each block of performances feeling so fresh — but Adele and her crew are among the very best in the business for a reason.