These Cheap Beauty Products Work So Well, Reviewers Say They Deserve 6 Stars

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by Carleigh Ferrante

Some beauty products are worth splurging on (don’t worry, we’re not asking you to ditch your favorites), but it’s a straight-up myth that you need to spend half your paycheck in order to have a fully stocked supply. In fact, these cheap beauty products work so well, Amazon reviewers say they deserve six stars. Seriously — if you aren’t tapping into Amazon’s beauty selection, you’re missing out.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect daily cleanser or sunscreen, a moisturizing treatment that feels like it was custom-made for your hair type, or a self-tanner to keep you glowing through the fall and winter, our editors have found the cheapest beauty products that work so well, shoppers can’t stop raving about them. Not shopping for anything in particular? You’ll find genius beauty products you didn’t even know existed — like an $8 hair mascara for the perfect slicked-back bun, or a set of eyebrow razors that can also be used to exfoliate your skin. Even true beauty snobs are obsessed with these products.

One of the greatest things about shopping on Amazon is the combination of household brands you already know and love, under-the-radar products from abroad, and buzzy brands you’ve maybe never heard of, but that suddenly have a cult following. Amazon reviewers are ruthless, so when they say a product deserves six stars, it’s worth giving it a shot for yourself. These beauty products are all so affordable, you won’t have to think twice when you decide you can’t live without them. The best part? We’re saving you a trip down the Amazon black hole with this list — so you can skip straight to adding to your cart.


A Tinted Mineral Sunscreen That Feels Weightless On Your Skin

This tinted mineral sunscreen costs a fraction of the price of competing products, and Amazon reviewers are obsessed with how good (read: weightless) it feels on their skin. The broad-spectrum SPF 50 formula is made with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to block both UVA and UVB rays, and it’s also made with antioxidants to further protect your skin from environmental aggressors. Choose from three shades: rich-deep, medium-tan, and fair-light.

  • Available shades: 3


This Niacinamide & Zinc Serum That Should Be Way More Expensive Than It Is

If you haven’t heard of niacinamide yet, you’re in for a huge awakening (and so is your skin). This B vitamin is loved by dermatologists for how versatile, effective, and gentle it is. In fact, dermatologists recommend products with niacinamide to calm redness, even out hyperpigmentation, and soothe inflammation — but these are just a few of its myriad benefits. This serum can be used daily and also includes key ingredients like hydrating hyaluronic acid, nourishing vitamin E, and zinc PCA, making it the perfect does-it-all-product for nearly any skin type. Oh, and it’s less than $20.


A Liquid Matte Lipstick That Doesn’t Dry Out Your Lips

The Lip Bar is a black-owned, vegan, indie beauty brand that’s gained a *ton* of buzz thanks to their liquid matte lipstick that’s not only long lasting, but also doesn’t dry out your lips (a rare feat, to be sure). The ‘Bawse Lady’ shade (pictured) has reigned in a cult-following, but there are eight more colors to choose from, including the perfect everyday pink (‘As If’) and a bold purple (‘Drama Queen’).

  • Available shades: 9


The Latest Innovation In False Eyelash Application

Applying false lashes has never been easier, thanks to KISS’s innovative Falscara line. This tube houses two products: a primer to prep your lashes before applying your falsies, and a sealer that you brush on after applying your falsies to lock them into place. This is part of the brand’s Falsecara collection, which also includes eyelash wisps, a lash applicator tool, and false lash remover. Amazon reviewers are blown away by how game-changing this method is.


This Mattifying Primer That Gives Your Skin A Velvety Appearance

Amazon reviewers have dubbed this cult-favorite makeup primer the “magic face sauce,” “miracle cream,” and the “best primer on the market.” If you’re currently spending more than $15 on primer, don’t. And if you’re not using a primer, take this as your sign to start. Apply this Japanese primer, and your remaining products will go on so much smoother. Plus your makeup will look better and last longer. You can also wear this on its own to show off your newfound velvety skin.


An Eyebrow Pencil That Makes It Impossible To Mess Up

A good eyebrow pencil is essential, and according to Amazon shoppers, NYX’s brow pencil is the best on the market. Designed with a super-fine tip that allows you to mimic realistic-looking brow hairs, it blends like a dream, comes in lots of shades (including auburn and jet black), and costs just $10. Fun fact: you can use brow pencil as lip liner, too.

  • Available shades: 12


The Tried & True Cleanser That Will Reset & Reboot Your Skin

You don’t need to break the bank in order to reset your skin to its natural, strongest state. Instead, try this gentle facial cleanser for less than $10, and you’ll be amazed at the results. It works hard to remove dirt, makeup, and excess oil, but is gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive, driest skin without disrupting its pH balance or natural protective barrier. The tried and true, dermatologist-favorite formula will take your skin back to basics, which most times is all you really need.


A Translucent Setting Powder That Costs $6 & Seems To Last Forever

A light dusting of this e.l.f. Cosmetics setting powder goes a long way in combatting oily skin and achieving that high-def matte finish. Self-proclaimed “powder snobs” have been fully converted, swearing that they are “never going back to expensive high-end powders,” because they are “blown away” by how buttery-smooth this one makes their skin, with no creasing or cakeiness. Trust, this is $6 you will not regret spending.


A Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover That Won’t Irritate Your Skin

Say goodbye to watering eyes and smudged black makeup. This waterproof makeup remover actually gets the job done, without drying out or irritating your skin or eyes. It melts away mascara — even the most stubborn, waterproof formulas — and leaves your face feeling fresh and clean. The large bottle is less than $20 and will last you a *long* time.


This Buzzy New Tinted Serum That’s Loaded With Hyaluronic Acid

Celebrity makeup artist Brittany Whitfield says this tinted foundation gives a “beautiful, supple finish,” and swears by it for darker skin tones. She also loves it for contouring, thanks to the soft, blendable formula. The addition of hyaluronic acid means this light-coverage foundation also functions as a hydrating serum — and the fact that it’s $15 makes it a no-brainer. Plus, you can apply it both under and over sunscreen without it pilling.

  • Available shades: 14


A Compact Brow & Lash Serum Made Of Certified-Organic Castor Oil

Castor oil is hands down the best oil for eyelash growth, and this one is a favorite among Amazon shoppers for its handy design and ease of use. Apply the 100% pure, cold-pressed, USDA-organic castor oil to your lashes (or your brows) with its dual-sided brush, and watch in amazement as they begin to appear thicker, longer, and more nourished over time. Reviewers noted visible results in as little as one week.


The Cult-Favorite Cleansing Oil That Removes Stubborn Makeup With Ease

After just a few days of using this rice water face wash from K-beauty brand The Face Shop, Amazon reviewers reported that their skin appeared brighter and smoother. The rice water is rich in vitamins A, B, and E, and enhances your natural glow to leave your skin softer and more evenly toned. Then, there’s the fact that it’s an oil, which means it breaks down stubborn makeup and oil-based skin care products (think waterproof mascara, liquid lipstick, and sunscreen) with ease. You can use the cleansing oil on its own, or as a part of a two-step routine with the cleansing foam, both of which have the most amazing, fresh-and-clean scent.


An Anti-Chafe Balm That Amazon Shoppers Swear By

It might not be the most glamorous item on the list, but this anti-chafe balm is an Amazon best-seller for good reason. A must-have year round (but particularly in the hot weather), Body Glide’s anti-chafe balm was originally created by surfers who were tired of chafing against their boards. Now, it’s loved by people everywhere for hiking, walking, running, surfing, or just living their day-to-day lives. The balm can be applied to any area of your body where you tend to experience chafing, and the long-lasting, non-greasy formula is made with vegan, cruelty free, allergen-free ingredients that will keep you comfortable all day long.


This Viral Liquid Exfoliant That’s Beloved By Celebrities

This salicylic acid liquid exfoliant has been a best-seller for over 20 years, but thanks to TikTok, where it’s recently gone viral, the cult following has hit a new level. In 2020, the brand reported selling one bottle every seven seconds, and sales have not slowed down since. Kaia Gerber is just one of many celebrities who use it in their skin care routines. Why is it so beloved? Similar to other BHA exfoliants, this one uses salicylic acid to shed old skin cells, unclog pores, and visibly improve the tone and texture of your skin. That, paired with skin-soothing ingredients like green tea, provides immediate results that reviewers won’t stop talking about. If you’re not sold yet, just look at the price tag.


A Curl-Defining Cream With Shine-Inducing Argan Oil

This curl-defining cream is great for all curl types, from tight coils to loose waves. Like other fan-favorite OGX products, it uses argan oil to uncover softer, shinier hair. The treatment is great for boosting curls and taming unwanted flyaways or frizz, while improving your hair’s natural elasticity and strength. Reviewers of all genders with all hair types love this lightweight cream, saying it takes their hair from “bleh” to “AMAZING.” And you really can’t beat the price.


This Deep-Cleansing Clay With A Dedicated Cult Following

You knew this one was coming — and if you didn’t, you’re welcome. Meet Amazon shoppers’ favorite viral face mask, which also doubles as an all-over body treatment. For wow-worthy results, simply mix this bentonite clay with water or apple cider vinegar, apply it to your face or body, and leave it on for 15 minutes. You’ll be shocked by the smoothing, clarifying, and “pore vacuuming” effects. As one Amazon reviewer commented, “it really is magic.” It’s also worth noting that a little bit goes a long way, so this jar will basically last you a lifetime.


An Enzyme Powder Face Wash For Brighter, More Radiant Skin

Rice bran is the star ingredient of this enzyme powder face wash, thanks to the naturally soothing, anti-inflammatory agents inside. Reviewers are raving about results from clearer, smoother skin to a visible improvement in redness, dullness, acne, and uneven texture, and saying that they will buy this rice bran wash “again and again” over the pricier brands they used to use. Add it to your cart for less than $20 and see the results for yourself.


The $12 Detangling Brush That Might Just Change Your Life

If you’re anything like the other 40,000 Amazon shoppers out there, you’ll be giving this detangling brush a five-star rating in no time — and wishing you could give it six. Even single dads who “can’t do hair” have named this brush a necessity. With its ability to seamlessly detangle knots with no discomfort or pain, it truly does live up to the “glide thru” name.


This Best-Selling Body Wash That’s A Game-Changer For Body Acne & KP

You can always count on CeraVe for high-quality, effective products at (much) lower price points. This body wash uses salicylic acid and three essential ceramides to treat acne, keratosis pilaris, and other rough, bumpy skin conditions — and out of all CeraVe’s best-selling products, this one just might have the most devotion on Amazon. And even if your skin isn’t prone to breakouts or bumps, it’s also great for encouraging general smoothness.


A 3-Pack Of Treatment Masks For Every Hair Type & Goal

This best-selling Garnier three-pack is only $12 and comes with masks for smoothing, repairing damage, and deeply nourishing. Each of these masks can be used on any hair type, but they’re particularly great for dry or damaged hair. Amazon reviewers say these masks will leave your hair impossibly smooth and soft, without weighing it down.


An Oil-Absorbing Face Roller You Can Bring With You Anywhere

The portability of Revlon’s oil-absorbing face roller is the best waste-eliminating alternative to your typical face blotting sheets. Throw it in your purse before a long work day and you’ll be all set for a pre-happy hour touch-up. Another product that’s gone viral on TikTok recently, reviewers are calling this a “magic stick” — and once you try it, you’ll bring it with you everywhere.


A Luxe Lip Mask That’s Half The Price Of A Certain Cult-Favorite

This vegan and all-natural lip mask has reviewers shocked by how effective it is. Dab a little on your lips before getting into bed and they’ll stay hydrated all through the night. The key ingredient, bakuchiol, is a natural alternative to retinol, and is meant to boost your skin’s collagen production and promote cellular regeneration. Combine this with the jojoba oil, coconut oil, mango butter, and cocoa butter inside, and it’s no surprise that people are raving about the smoothing and softening effects of this lip mask.


The $8 Secret To Full, Feathery Brows That Don’t Budge All Day Long

Experts have been perfecting the soap brow look for years, but it went fully mainstream in 2016. If you haven’t heard of it, you’ve likely seen it on your social media feed before — those thick, fluffy brows that are set perfectly in place. This eyebrow styling soap is the best soap brow kit, because it’s absolutely fool-proof — and cheap. The carrying case is small enough to stash in your bag for touch-ups, but reviewers say you won’t need them thanks to the all-day holding power of this brow soap.


This Clear Pimple Patches That Really Work

If you have blemish-prone skin and you’re looking for cheap beauty products that actually work, these Dots For Spots pimple patches are for you. Grab this pack of 24 for $10 and apply one of the thin adhesive dots to any unwanted blemish to quickly and effectively heal it. Apply the patch to clean, dry skin and remove it when it turns white. Recommended use is at least six hours, but reviewers love to keep them on overnight, reporting a visible decrease in redness and inflammation in the morning.


A Lightweight Eye Serum Full Of Skin-Plumping Ingredients

A good eye serum can wake up your entire face — and that’s exactly what this lightweight eye serum does. The blend of hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and volcanic water work together to revitalize and hydrate the fragile area around and under your eyes, helping to perk up your overall appearance. Plus, you only need a tiny dab of product, so this one bottle will last you months. And because it’s a water-light serum, it wears so nicely under concealer.


Reusable Makeup Remover Pads To Save Money & Minimize Waste

$10 can get you 18 reusable makeup remover pads and an adorable laundry bag to wash them in. These pads are soft, gentle, suitable for all skin types, and, best of all, much better for the environment than their single-use counterparts. The mesh laundry bag makes it incredibly easy to just toss these in the wash without needing to worry about any going missing. Use them with toner, makeup remover, or anything else you’d normally use a regular cotton pad for.


This Hair-Finishing Wand That Will Instantly Make Your Updo More Polished

File this clear hair mascara under weird but genius beauty hacks you’ll wish you knew about sooner. Seriously, you’ll be wearing your hair in a slicked-back ponytail or bun every day from here on out, and everyone will be asking you your secret. Little will they know it’s this $8 stick that can instantly smooth down flyaways — and keep them that way all day long. The mascara-like applicator is easy to use and incredibly efficient. Plus, it’s small enough to fit into any purse, so you can always have it on hand.


A Premium Eye Primer For Long-Lasting, Crease-Free Eyeshadow — At A Not-So-Premium Price

This cruelty-free eye primer is made with high-quality ingredients, like pearl powder, to seamlessly blend into your skin and conceal any discoloration. It locks in your eyeshadow and prevents creasing, smudging, and fallout — and it makes your makeup look so much better. One Amazon reviewer reported that this primer keeps their makeup “looking like I just put it on allllll day no matter how bad I sweat.” Simply apply a pea-sized amount and once it dries, add your favorite eye makeup on top. Pro tip: you can use it on your brows, too.


An Over-The-Counter Acne Treatment With Over 30,000 5-Star Reviews

Ecstatic reviewers say this derm-favorite acne treatment gel “worked wonders” on their acne, healed their skin, and changed their lives. All that for $15? Sold. The active ingredient in here is Adapalene, which treats breakouts from deep within the pores (where they originate) to prevent new acne from forming. For best results, apply it at night to dry, freshly cleansed skin, and as always, wear sunscreen to protect your skin during the day.


A Restoring Scalp Oil That’s Ideal For Curly Hair

In 2020, Gabrielle Union relaunched her hair care line with the mission to provide “great solutions to a lot of our hair care challenges,” at a price point people can actually afford. All of her products are under $10 and found on Amazon — and this restoring hair oil has people raving about how well (and how quickly) it works. Reviewers say it soothes their scalp, eliminates dandruff, and offers an immediate cooling sensation — and since a healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair, it’s a must-have.


The Tanning Foam That Beauty Experts Are Obsessed With

Bondi Sands’ self-tanning foam is as nourishing as your favorite moisturizer, but it leaves your skin golden and glowy. Enriched with aloe vera and coconut, this lightweight foam provides an even, streak-free tan that over 20,000 Amazon shoppers are obsessed with. People who have tried “just about every self tanner” say this “works like a high-end product” and gives the deepest, fastest, glowiest tan — without any streaks, artificial smells, or orangey hues. The $22 price tag is a steal compared to tanners of this quality.

  • Available shades: 3


A Redness-Relieving Night Cream That’s Safe For Sensitive Skin

It’s no secret that many dermatologists prefer Cetaphil to prestige brands. Cetaphil’s well-known Gentle Skin Cleanser is always a safe bet if your skin is acting up, or if you just prefer a no-frills-yet-still-effective approach to skin care. Though *slightly* lesser known, this redness-relieving night cream is great for sensitive skin (specifically for calming redness and rosacea), and it has over 17,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon. Reviewers say it reduces their skin’s redness so well so that they don’t even feel the need to apply makeup in the morning.


These Best-Selling Eyebrow Razors That Double As A Tool For Dermaplaning

You can get six of these best-selling eyebrow razors for less than $6, and it’s shocking how well these cheap things work. Their main purpose is grooming and shaping your brows, but you can also use them for dermaplaning (the secret to ultra-smooth makeup application). As long as you wipe them down after each use, these razors can be used again and again. With a shocking number (over 70,000) of five-star ratings, adding these to your cart is a no-brainer.


The Hydrating Rosewater Mist You’ll Wind Up Carrying Around Everywhere

Heritage Store has a *ton* of affordable, rosewater-based beauty staples, and they all have nearly perfect Amazon ratings. This rosewater spray is beloved for its refreshing quality, beautiful smell, and the fact that you can use it on your skin or your hair. Whether you need a face toner, a makeup setting spray, or a refreshing mid-day spritz, this multi-purpose spray will make your skin radiant and your hair smell great.


A 5-Pack of Makeup Sponges For Just $10

Sponges are essential if you want the most seamless makeup application, and this five-piece makeup sponge set is less than $9. You can use these with liquid, cream, or powder makeup — and since you’ll get five, you can even set one aside specifically for countouring. Plus, as long as you keep them clean, they’re infinitely reusable. Over 60,000 Amazon shoppers agree that these are a must-buy.


An Exfoliating Brush That Prevents Ingrowns & Bumps

This exfoliating brush has soft silicone bristles and an ergonomic handle that makes it not only effective, but easy to use. You’ll actually look forward to exfoliating with this brush, and the results speak for themselves — or better yet, the 30,000-plus Amazon reviews do. Buyers cannot go without this genius grooming tool and say they haven’t had an ingrown hair since they purchased it.


This Natural Deodorant That Masks Odors Using Activated Charcoal

If you’re looking for something to keep you fresh all day and night, this natural deodorant will get the job done. The non-greasy formula is made with activated charcoal and is completely free of chemicals and aluminum. Even the most skeptical Amazon shoppers are wowed by how well this works.


A Buzz-Worthy Derma Roller That Rivals An In-Salon Facial

At-home spa treatments are *always* trending, and dermatologists say derma rollers will continue to be popular for their ability to boost circulation and promote collagen production, which, in turns, reveals a plumper, smoother complexion. If overall facial rejuvenation is what you’re looking for, this Sdara Skincare derma roller is just the tool to get you there. The titanium microneedles instantly give you a radiant glow — especially when paired with your favorite serum.


A Cult Korean Mask That Simultaneously Exfoliates & Nourishes Your Skin

This fascinating Korean skin care product has a ton of glowing reviews on Amazon — plus, it’s been one of the brand’s top-selling products for over 10 years. All of SKINFOOD’s products are inspired by (you guessed it), food, and the black sugar in this wash-off mask helps to exfoliate away dead skin, while simultaneously moisturizing, so you’re left with the softest, smoothest skin. Oh, and it only costs $7.


An Exfoliating Foot Treatment For Your Softest, Smoothest Feet Ever

Amazon shoppers are ordering this foot peel mask on repeat because of how well it works. It doesn’t hurt that it costs less than $20, either. All you need to do is leave the mask on for 60 minutes and then sit back and wait for your feet to begin to peel within seven to 14 days. If these Amazon reviewers know one thing, it’s that you will be *shocked* by the results.