60 Genius Grooming Products On Amazon That Reviewers Say Are "Life-Savers"

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Whether you're trying get out the door quickly, cut down on the steps in your grooming routine, or simply find a more innovative, efficient solution to your most common skin-, nail- and hair-related woes, keeping the right tools on hand can make all the difference. And that's exactly where these 60 genius grooming products on Amazon that reviewers say are life-savers come in. Each of the gadgets, tools, and inventions on this list were designed to make day-to-day life just a little bit easier, and have dozens (if not hundreds) of glowing Amazon reviews to back up their claims.

Besides being a go-to destination for everything from home goods and travel gear to surprisingly stylish fashion pieces, Amazon is brimming with game-changing discoveries that'll revolutionize every aspect of your grooming routine (styling your hair, brightening your smile, removing your makeup — you get the idea). Some of these items you may have heard of before, some are more innovative versions of classic products, and others might be completely unfamiliar. The one thing they all have in common? Real-life shoppers just like you swear by them. So scroll on to find out why Amazon reviewers can't stop raving about these 60 brilliant beauty and grooming products, ahead.


Reusable Towels That Remove Stubborn Makeup With Just Water

These Rainbow Rovers makeup remover towels come in a set of three bright colors (pink, blue, and turquoise), but they're more than simply pretty. Thanks to their microfiber fabric, they cling onto residue to remove makeup using just water, including waterproof mascara, glitter, and foundation (initially skeptical reviewers compare their effectiveness to "witchcraft" and "magic"). They're also a more environmentally-conscious option, since they're reusable, and they're less harsh on skin than face wipes.


A Cult-Favorite Solution To Prevent Ingrown Hairs & Razor Bumps

Thanks to its soothing and exfoliating ingredients, Tend Skin helps minimize redness, razor bumps, and ingrown hair when used alongside common hair removal practices. Simply apply it after shaving, waxing, electrolysis, or laser-removal for skin that's "smooth and non-itchy."


A Luxurious Body Scrubber That Can Easily Reach Anywhere

This back scrubber has a lathering fabric on one side and an exfoliating material on the other — both of which are stretched between two handles that allow you to reach virtually any body part. Reviewers say it "is like having a back massage" and that it works so much better than your typical loofah.


A Foot Rest That Ensures The Perfect At-Home Pedicure

This genius tool for at-home pedicures combines a simple angled foot rest with a bright LED task light, so you can keep your foot steady and actually see what you're doing. Its unique design slips easily underneath a couch cushion or mattress to provide additional stability.


A Brilliant Pedicure Stand With A Built-In Light

Whether secured under a chair, couch cushion, or mattress, the Stedi Pedi provides a sturdy, elevated surface for painting your toes — and it even has a built in light and polish tray. "Best money I have spent," one reviewer said.


A Cosmetics Bag That Doubles As a Makeup Mat

The Lay'N'Go cosmetics bag has been called a life-saver — but it's also been called a time-saver and a space-saver, too. It lays out flat with a 20-inch diameter so you can see all your cosmetics at once, but when it's time to go, simply pull the drawstring and it transforms into a portable pouch. Get it in 15 different colors and patterns.


A Less Messy Way To Apply Face Masks

If you regularly use face masks and peels, these silicone tools are "the product you didn't know you needed till you got it." They scoop, apply, and spread without absorbing the mask (so you waste less product) and without getting product under your nails. Thanks to their silicone material, they're also hygienic and easy to wash.


8.A Precision Makeup Remover Pen To Fix Minor Mistakes

Whether you need to remove last night's smokey eye or just want to clean up your liquid liner before showing it off, this oil-free eye makeup remover pen from Neutrogena is a must-have. It comes in a compact, travel-friendly size, and gives your skin a boost of Vitamin E as it gently erases makeup.


A Must-Have Combing Tool For Straightening Or Blow Drying Your Hair

The Herstyler styling comb has a triangular clamp design that separates strands into equal sections. That way, when used directly underneath a flat iron or while drying your hair, the heat is equally distributed and hair is styled more thoroughly. "Really grips the hair and provides an amazing amount of tension. Plus it's nice not having your fingers anywhere near the hot iron," one buyer wrote. "After only using it once, my hair looked better than it's ever looked on my own."


A Peel-Off Nail Tape For Mess-Free Manicures

This nail polish barrier is a latex nail tape that peels off in seconds, and at-home manicurists are obsessed with the stuff. Use it to protect your skin from sponge designs and messy manicures; or, it can be applied as a base coat under gel or glittery polish to ensure easy removal. This order comes with two bottles of Latex Tape, and a tweezer to help you peel it off without ruining your freshly polished nails.


A Revolutionary Drawstring Ponytail Holder To Prevent Breakage

"Pulleez saved my hair!" raved one buyer. "No more breakage and they really do hold my hair even though it is baby fine." Unlike typical ties, these use a sliding acrylic mechanism so you can customize the hold and tension according to your specific hair type. Get them in a wide range of colors and bead designs.


These Soft, Velvety Sponges For Effortless Blending

Unlike your average makeup sponge, these JUNO & Co. sponges are made of a microfiber velvet material, which uses tiny fibers to grab onto and blend foundation like nothing else. (They're also extra soft on skin). They come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, but the consensus across the board? "I save so much product and the blending is simply flawless," according to one of the countless rave reviews.


A Best-Selling Brush-Dryer Hybrid That Simultaneously Dries & Styles Hair

This brilliant invention has over 11,000 reviews, and nearly 300 of them have called it "life-changing." The Revlon One-Step combines a blow dryer with a brush, so you can dry, style, and volumize your hair all at once. Ionized heat blows through the brush's barrel, so all you have to do is wrap your hair in the bristles and pull. It couldn't be easier to get a salon-worthy blowout every time.


A Hassle-Free Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Experts suggest cleaning your makeup tools regularly, and this electric brush cleanser makes the process a whole lot easier. The handheld spinner attaches to virtually any tool with the included collars, while the bowl holds soap or your favorite brush shampoo to remove residue and germs. After, it even dries your brushes using a spin cycle.


A Finishing Stick To Smooth Flyaways & Baby Hairs

Smooth down flyaways, tame short, broken hairs, or collect nape strands into a neat ponytail with this finishing stick. It contains beeswax and jojoba oil, both of which aim to moisturize and tidy up your hairdo with a few strokes using the included brush. Think of it as brow gel for your tiniest, most unruly hairs.


"The Last Tweezers You Will Ever Buy"

What's so monumental about tweezers? According to reviewers, this Tweezer Guru set is the last you'll ever have to buy. They offer expert alignment and perfectly calibrated tension, so you can grab each and every hair — plus splinters, ticks, blackheads, and more — with ease. Each set comes with a slant tip and pointed precision pair of tweezers.


A Frizz-Resistant Towel That Dries Hair Faster

"I'll never go back to a bath towel again," reviewers say after trying the Perfect Haircare wrap, while others say, "I was amazed how dry my hair already was when I took the towel off after about 10 minutes." Using lightweight, absorbent microfiber, it soaks up excess water without causing friction or unnecessary breakage. It also has a drawstring closure so it doesn't slip off and comes with a free wet brush.


A Pro-Level Derma-roller For Aesthetician-Grade Facials At Home

"Seriously, my skin has never looked better," one reviewer wrote, and hundreds more agree. The Linduray DermaRoller is a skin-saver because it uses hundreds of tiny needles to make microscopic punctures on the surface of the skin. This, in turn, boosts circulation and prompts a rush of collagen, which encourages healing and a plumper, smoother complexion.


A Much Stronger Version Of The Average Bobby Pin

"Hair doesn't budge!" one buyer raved, while another called them "my new best friend for [up-dos]." PINTWISTs are some of the strongest bobby pins on the market because they're sturdy, curved, and massive — so you only have to use a few to get the job done.


A Sonic Facial Cleanser With A Near-Perfect Rating

The Caytraill facial brush currently has over 1,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating — impressive, for a skin care product. Buyers can't stop raving about its soft silicone bristles, four cleansing modes, and waterproof, rechargeable design — all for $25. In addition to the pink color, pictured, it also comes in light blue.


Easy-To-Use Teeth Whitening Pens That "Really Work"

"Finally a product that works. No sensitivity and easy to use!" wrote one Amazon reviewer. These VieBeauti pens are filled with a carbamide peroxide gel that aims to remove stains and whiten teeth with each use. According to buyers, they're convenient to use, easy to store, and won't cause irritation. Each pack comes with two pens — one for home, and one for your bag.


An Exfoliating Body Brush To Banish Bumps & Ingrown Hairs

This is not your average exfoliating tool. Dylonic's brush combines micro-exfoliating silicone bristles with an ergonomic palm handle, so you can stop dead skin from getting in the way of hair removal and therefore causing ingrowns. Whether they used it before waxing or after shaving, buyers say they had significantly fewer ingrown hairs and razor bumps.


A NanoSteamer To Amp Up Your Skin Care Routine

Using a heating element and an ultrasonic vaporizer, this NanoSteamer creates ionic water particles that penetrate skin 10 times more effectively than traditional steam. As a result, it opens up pores to allow for effortless cleaning — and the set even comes with a stainless steel extraction kit for blackheads. Plus, it feels amazing — it'll seriously crank your at-home facials up a notch.


A Lighted Makeup Mirror With A Strong Suction Cup Base

The EASEHOLD lighted mirror offers detailed magnification, 360-degree rotation, and an LED lighting function that mimics natural daylight. That said, the strong suction cup base also adheres to your vanity, tile wall, or shower door — so it's especially great for travel or those who are short on space.


A Nail-Strengthening & Cuticle-Softening Cream

Hard As Hoof nail cream is a number-one best seller in its category of nail strengtheners — but that's not all it does. It also prevents splits, smooths nails, and conditions cuticles, all while smelling like coconut. Reviewers say their nails have "NEVER been this healthy-looking and strong."


A Dentist-Approved Flosser You'll Actually Want To Use

"After 6 months use 2 or 3 times daily, my hygienist and dentist praised the improvement in my gum and dental health. I was amazed how many small particles this thing flushes out even after flossing and brushing," one reviewer wrote of this classic Waterpik water flosser. It's lightweight and portable, has two modes to clean between teeth and below gumlines, and comes with three batteries and two replaceable heads. Flossing has never been easier — or honestly, more fun.


Skin-Smoothing Booties That Are Like Sheet Masks For Your Feet

Using botanical extracts, these Lavinso foot peel masks cause dry skin and calluses to peel off in actual sheets. (Sounds scary, but it's actually super satisfying.) Just wear the booties for an hour and soak your feet afterwards; during the next week or so, reviewers said their "feet began to peel - very strange! Totally painless. The new skin coming through was very soft, like new." Your feet will be smoother and softer than ever before.


Charcoal Blotting Sheets To Soak Up Excess Oil Throughout The Day

Whenever your makeup needs a pick-me-up throughout the day, these blotting sheets will be there to refresh your look. A makeup-artist favorite for maintaining a matte, shine-free look, they're made from linen fibers and activated charcoal, so they absorb any unwanted oil from your face.


A Set Of Magnetic Eyelashes That Adhere To The Included Liner

Traditional falsies require messy glue, and standard magnetic lashes never seem to work as intended — but these lashes adhere to the included magnetic liner, and buyers say they're super natural-looking. With each set, you get five pairs of falsies in varying lengths and a tube of black, smudge-proof, magnetic liner.


A Heat-Free Way To Curl Your Hair Overnight

The Octocurl gives you long-lasting, heat-free curls overnight. A comfortable microfiber band secures around your head while hanging strips secure your hair comfortably in coils as you sleep. It's available in four colors, and buyers say it "works wonders" with thick and thin hair alike.


A French Pharmacy Micellar Water To Gently Remove All Your Makeup

Micellar water is by far the easiest, gentlest, most effective way to remove makeup. This one, from French pharmacy brand La Roche-Posay, does the job thoroughly, all while being suitable for sensitive skin and eyes. In addition to being made without alcohol, it's also oil-free, so you don't have to worry about it clogging your pores. And, unlike most cleansers and toning water, it leaves your skin soft instead of stripped.


A Rechargeable Heated Eyelash Curler For A Longer-Lasting Curl

Ditch your outdated eyelash curler and opt for this technologically advanced unit. Instead of crimping and pulling, it distributes gentle heat between carding teeth, which secures your lashes in a curled, volumized position for hours. It's even rechargeable via USB.


A Nourishing, Natural Lip Balm With A Subtle Hint Of Color

Get unparalleled hydration alongside a subtle wash of color with these natural, cruelty-free tinted lip balms by Honest Beauty. They come in six different shades, all made with moisturizing avocado oil and antioxidant-rich acai. One buyer called them "By far the best tinted lip balm out there! Hands down!"


A Silicone Body Scrubber That's Virtually Maintenance-Free

Unlike a traditional wooden, bristled brush (which harbors bacteria), this body scrubber is made from food-grade silicone, which rinses clean and is naturally resistant to odors, germs, and mold. Its double-sided design comprises lathering bristles and massage nodes, and the long handle means you can effortlessly reach your back.


A Stamp-On Liner Pen For Effortless Cat-Eyes Every Time

Getting one perfect cat-eye is hard enough — then you have to match it. Luckily, the iMethod eyeliner stamp does all the hard work for you. The set comes with two double-sided pens (one for each eye) and you can opt for a "kitten" or a standard size wing. Best of all, the formula is waterproof, smudgeproof, and gentle.


An Anti-Fungal Body Wash To Keep Odors, Eczema Flare-Ups, & Infections At Bay

Since it's made with anti-fungal and antibacterial tea tree, this Purely Northwest body wash has helped thousands of reviewers tackle athlete's foot, unwanted odors, eczema, infections, and ringworm. It's also nourishing, hydrating, and made with gentle ingredients, which is why buyers have called it a "total life changer!"


A Facial-Hair Remover That Looks Like A Tube Of Lipstick

Even though it's tiny and discreet, this gadget offers a convenient way to remove unwanted hair. It utilizes a quality stainless steel blade underneath a hypoallergenic net, which removes facial fuzz or arm hair in a snap. Best of all, buyers say it's painless and irritation-free.


A Soft Silk Pillowcase That's Gentle On Hair & Skin

Available in three sizes and over 30 colors and patterns, this gentle pillowcase is made from super soft mulberry silk. As a result, it protects skin and hair from irritation — that means less of a risk of hair breakage and no more pillow lines on your face when you wake up. "Keeps my hairstyle and curls for a few days," one buyer noted about its hair-preserving uses.


The Blow Dryer That Buyers Call "The Best [They've] Ever Owned"

Amazon reviewers are astounded at the quality and the time-saving benefits of this professional blow dryer — especially for $50. It utilizes an advanced ionic generator and a 2,200-watt DC motor, both of which dry hair fast while minimizing frizz and damage. Even professional stylists and those who researched for days say, "my drying time has been cut in half" and "I'm used to only hair irons being able to get these results."


A Nourishing Serum For Fuller-Looking Lashes & Brows

Whether they use it to fortify damaged lashes or promote thicker, faster lash growth, the consensus remains the same: "It works," buyers rave about the cult-favorite Grande Cosmetics lash serum. The nourishing formula encourages fullness and healthy growth using vitamins and amino acids — and it's hypoallergenic and easy to apply.


A Pro-Favorite Beauty Bar For Facial Massages At Home

Because they deliver 6,000 vibrations a minute via the 24-karat gold heads, these dermatologist- and aesthetician-favorite beauty bars have been called the "best beauty gadget" and a "must have in [your] beauty routine." The 3-D roller is designed to relax and smooth curves, while the T-shape aims to tighten and plump skin.


A Mineral-Based Deodorant That Reviewers Call "Magic"

Instead of harsh, sweat-blocking ingredients, the Positive Essence crystal deodorant offers a natural way to keep unwanted odors at bay. This residue-free deodorant is made from mineral salts, so it creates an invisible layer of protection that traps odor-causing bacteria under the surface. Reviewers say the protection lasts for days and the rock lasts for years.


Charcoal-Infused Loofahs For Odor & Bacteria Control

Because they're infused with activated charcoal, these loofahs are more resistant to odors and bacteria. They also create a rich lather and gently exfoliate skin without falling apart. No wonder reviewers call them the "best shower sponges — no kidding."


A Quick-Drying Hairspray With Serious Thermal Protection

No matter your hair type or your go-to styling methods, this quick-drying hairspray is a must-have. I has a lightweight formula that protects against heat and gives a gentle hold that's never sticky to keep your style in place. Best of all? It offers thermal protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


Pimple Patches That Speed Up The Healing Process

Place one of these pimple patches over a blemish before bed, and overnight, this transparent, hydrocolloid-infused dot will absorb its contents so the pimple can heal faster. "These are life savers!" one reviewer wrote. "[I had a wedding the next day, and by] morning the pimple had gone down and was barely noticeable."


A Set Of Jade Tools That Smooth, Calm, & De-puff Skin

Jade rolling improves circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage, and reduces puffiness — and this set comes with two essential tools to do so. A Gua Sha scraper smooths edges and harder-to-reach spots, while a double-sided roller covers larger areas, like your cheeks. Buyers say they "couldn't believe [their] eyes" and they "love how cold the stone feels." Pro tip: keep yours in the fridge for an even more soothing, de-puffing sensation.


A Four-Pack Of Eco-Friendly, Charcoal-Infused Toothbrushes

Brighten your teeth and help the environment simultaneously. These bamboo toothbrushes are eco-friendly, come in recycled, bio-degradable packaging, and have bristles that are infused with real activated charcoal for amplified whitening abilities. Stock up for the long-term (or the whole family) with this handy four-pack.


A Beard-Grooming Tool That Guys Swear By

Even though it fits effortlessly into a pocket or drawer, the Beard Black comprises several essential tools for a barber-quality beard at home. Built into the ergonomic design, you'll find measurement guides, dual combs, and shaping edges for the hairline, cheek curve, neck, jaw, and side-burns. Over 1,300 reviewers gave it a perfect five-star review.


Under-Eye Patches Made With 24K Gold

Since they're packed with ingredients like brightening 24k gold, antioxidants, and vitamins, these under eye patches aim to plump up, de-puff, and hydrate tired eyes. Buyers say they feel "cool and comfortable" and "actually work" — but they also love the packaging, since 20 pads fit yin-yang style in an easy-to-store jar. Store them in the fridge to enhance their skin-soothing abilities.


An Automatic Hair Curler That Does All The Work For You

With its ceramic barrel, quick heat-up time, and wide range of temperature settings, this curling iron is already a step above most other curling wands. Add in the automatic-wrapping barrel, and it's no wonder buyers call it "the absolute best hair appliance" they've ever used. Simply press a button for long-lasting curls without the need for technique or fear of burns.


A Waterproof Trimmer For Nose & Ear Hair

This trimmer has rounded, dual-edge stainless steel blades so you can effortlessly remove nose- or ear-hair in a snap. It's also waterproof, washable, easy to use, and battery operated, which is why buyers call it "completely painless and foolproof." A number-one best-seller on Amazon, it has over 3,000 five-star reviews.


Braided Headbands For An Easy, Intricate Look

Add an intricate touch to up-dos or dress up loose hair in seconds. This braided headband comes in a wide range of colors and has an adjustable, elastic clasp for comfort. "I have worn a few times and people keep asking me how I did my hair," one buyer wrote. "They all had no idea it was not my hair."


A Must-Have Tool For Self-Trims & Bang Maintenance

"Simply ingenious," one reviewer wrote. "I've saved hundreds in unhappy haircuts." The CreaClip makes it easy to trim split ends or bangs — entirely on your own. This professional hair-cutting tool includes built-in teeth for even strand distribution and an easy-to-see level so you know you're cutting straight.


This Dry-Use Razor For Easy Hair Removal Anywhere

"This product hands down is the best I've used," one reviewer wrote. "Whoever came up with this idea is a genius." The Bakblade 2.0 allows you to remove unwanted body hair anywhere on your own, thanks to its long handle and dry-glide safety blade. In fact, it doesn't even require shaving cream or water. While it's designed for the back, buyers also use it on their "arms, chest, lower calves and legs."


These Ice Globes That Give A Soothing Facial Massage

If you want to amp up your skincare routine, these ice globes might be just the thing. Pop them in the freezer to chill, then give yourself a DIY cryofacial that can help stimulate circulation and may help to relieves aches and pains.


A Fiber Lash Mascara That's Been Called The "Best Ever"

"I love how fast this mascara builds up when applied and makes my lashes so thick and long," one reviewer raved about 4D silk fiber lash. Unlike your average mascara, this one builds onto existing lashes with waterproof, hypoallergenic fibers — and the more layers you add, the longer and more defined your lashes get.


A Makeup Setting Spray With Thousands Of Rave Reviews

When it comes to the Bella Jade setting spray, reviewers have commented things like, "I'm on my 4th bottle," called it a "life saver," and claimed "my makeup lasts 12 hours easily" — and there are thousands more where that came from. This gentle, hydrating spray uses green tea, fruit acids, and sulfur compounds to lock in your look long-term, despite any exposure to sweat and humidity.


A Powerful Nail Polish Remover For Glitter & Gel

If you find most standard nail polish removers subpar, this one's for you: Cutex has designed an ultra-powerful solution that removes glitter, dark polishes, and gels with ease. "My polish always comes off easily, and my hands feel nourished and moisturized afterwards," one buyer wrote, while another said, "I couldn't believe how instantly and easily my gel polish was removed with this."


A Scalp Brush That Will Make Your Shower Feel Like The Salon

If you love the way a good scalp massage feels at the hair salon, this silicone scalp brush is the next best thing. It has an ergonomic handle and soft yet sturdy bristles that make shampooing even the thickest hair a luxurious experience.


A Peel-Off Blackhead Mask With A Shockingly High Rating

"I have tried a lot of masks, but this mask is great," one reviewer wrote — and judging by the 4.7-star rating, thousands of others agree. The Vassoul peel mask uses kaolin clay and urea to cling onto blackheads and impurities, and you can actually see the results right there on the sheet that comes off.

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