My Skin Has Been Freaking Out Lately — Here’s How I Reset & Reboot For Glowy Skin

Back to basics skin care at its finest.

Hannah Baxter
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Sorry to break it to you, but there are a laundry list of reasons that your skin can freak out — lack of sleep, stress, poor diet, hormones, travel, pollution, sun damage, allergies, not washing your pillowcases enough (seriously, prioritize that pronto). Aside from the latter, I have been experiencing every last one of those line items on the “why is my skin freaking out?” questionnaire, but, being a longtime beauty editor with nearly a decade of experience, I know that this usually means it’s time for a skin care reset. What does that entail you ask? Namely, going back to the basics, with tried and true formulas like Vanicream Gentle Cleanser and CeraVe Moisturizer, among other sensitive skin saviors.

In truth, I test dozens upon dozens of new products every month — not just skin care, but across all beauty categories. And while I generally have a pretty good idea of what will suit my skin based on the ingredient list, there are some items that inevitably cause inflammation and irritation for my otherwise calm (if chronically dry) skin. That’s when I turn to my lineup of gentle skin care products that I know work for my skin’s needs — soothing it, hydrating it, and generally babying it back to health, without a single pimple or scaly patch in sight.

Along with external factors, formula irritants like fragrance, essential oils, and certain powerful actives are all prime suspects for throwing anyone with sensitive skin out of whack, but even if your epidermis is typically pretty chill, the combination of environmental stressors (hello anxiety, deadlines, too much time in the sun, etc.) can make you susceptible to some form of irritation. But don’t freak out! It’s totally feasible to reset your skin, eliminate signs of inflammation and damage, and help coax your complexion back to square one — healthy, hydrated, calm, and glowing.

If you’re also looking for a minimal, streamlined skin care routine for day and night, check out the seven products I always use to reset and repair angry, irritated skin.

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