The Fashion Set Swears By The Carved Bob Cut For Fall ‘22

Next-appointment worthy.

by Natasha Marsh
short hair cut trends

Sure, many people decide to grow out their long hair once the weather turns colder, but this fall it appears that short hair is quickly taking over. Blame it on the long-lasting summer temperatures or the strong sun damage to your strands, but chic, gamine, and unexpected short haircut trends are dominating our Instagram feeds. The fashion set has been blessing the ‘Gram with carved bobs, short mullets, mixies, and multiple variations of curly haircuts that prove you can have any texture and rock a short ‘do.

Luckily, social media also has a plethora of hairstylists and celebrity hair gurus gushing about the products they use to tame and style shorter hair, and endless tips on how to maintain your favorite style at home. But since you’re likely seeing a feed that is filled with fall hair trends for 2022 that focus on layers, texture, and color, it can be difficult to decide on a chop — which cut is best for your style, texture, and length?

While mullets, curly shags, and dramatic bobs are still on the rise, there are definitely some wild-card short haircuts (more on them later) that should be on your radar. Ahead, 11 short haircuts that are easy to maintain and sure to get you pumped for colder temperatures. Make sure to peep the list before your next salon appointment to usher in the new season in style.

Disconnected Curls

The resurgence of natural curls over the last few years continues to rise. All over Instagram people are wearing their curls out loud with either vibrant colors or larger-than-life volume. If you opt for disconnected curls, curls that hang free without too much bulk, make sure you stack your product arsenal with hydrating styling creams and gels, and a shine spray for a daily salon-worthy finish.

Carved Bob

Let’s be real, the bob will never be out of style. The short length cut looks great on all textures and is getting a 2022 update where stylists will carve the ends instead of bluntly cut them, to show off maximum volume — a sister to the French girl bob if you will. For the carved bob look, advise your stylist to cut above the chin so the cut can allow your texture to really shine, and show off your neck.

Classic Afro

Whether cut traditionally, in a triangle, or with extra height, you simply can’t go wrong with an afro on textured hair types 3 and 4. The low-maintenance cut can stay nourished with a hydrating pomade and hair oil, and be sure to coat the coils in curl custards and puddings to eliminate dryness and unwanted frizz.

Buzz Cut

Quite literally the shortest you can get, buzz cuts are trending big time for fall 2022. With punk rock roots, buzzing your hair will reveal your natural features and be the less-effort cut to maintain (although the cut is easy, it will be more frequent). Simply apply a pomade or sheen to your short cut for a sleek finish.

Micro Bob

Arguably the shortest bob out there, a micro bob is a great simple and sophisticated cut to try this autumn. You can opt for micro bangs to complement the style or add in some texture spray to create a beach wave look.

Shaggy Lob

If a micro bob feels too short, dip your toes into this collarbone-length lob, which is always a classic and can work on multiple hair textures. Feel free to spray in volumizing hair spray for more depth and flare.

Baby Mullet

A sharp and short mullet, shorter at the front and sides but longer in the back, will perfectly frame your features this season and has serious cool girl vibes. Feel free to accessorize with washes of color and textures.

Textured Bob

Great for hair types 2 and 3, the textured bob is a voluminous and effortless cut that air drys beautifully. If you would like to diffuse, make sure to spray a heat protectant throughout the hair to avoid damage.


The pixie, short on the back and sides and longer at the top, is a timeless and seasonless choice for autumn. Not to mention, a super easy cut to manage — it’ll just take a little time to learn how your new short hair lays with your texture. Dare to go short with this endlessly chic style.

Supermodel Layers

Embrace your natural curls with the supermodel layers cut. This piece-y and playful style features rounded layers that graze just above the shoulder to open up the face and show off defined curls with lots of movement. For even more curl definition, spritz in a hair oil or curl gel and twist hair around your fingers before diffusing. This will allow curls to set better and spring up with ease.


The perfect union of a pixie and mullet, the mixie is a short pixie with longer edges. The softer style looks great on curly, wavy, and straight hair. Be sure to add in a weekly mask to help restore hydration and keep your hair free from split ends.