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These 10 Manicures Prove Green Is The Freshest Spring Shade

From solid polish to bold nail art.


Between North West’s TikTok and Hailey Beiber’s Instagram, there is no shortage of nail inspiration. But this spring, green manicures, be it solid or nail art, have quickly become the color of choice for manicurists and celebrities alike. Ahead, 10 of the best ways to wear this surprisingly wearable hue.

Jade Marble

A marbled design that mimics the tones found in jade gemstones works well on all skin tones, thanks to its assortment of undertones.


A simple design over glowing tips can be a worry-free way to try neon green nails this spring. The key is to use your natural nail as the base. Not only will this add an eye-catching contrast, but it will also ground the focus of the bright colors as to not overwhelm the entire look.


A colorblock metallic and opaque lime pattern is a simple way to test drive the green nails trend.

Sage Green Tips

If a classic French Manicure remains one of your go-to styles, this version with a milky base and sage tips is an easy update for spring. Using a muted dark green color and glossy topcoat, the final look has an airbrushed effect that keeps the manicure feeling timeless yet trendy.

Olive Green

A matte finish and glossy tips give these olive-toned nails a genuine look that’s eerily close to the martini varnish. Perfect for date nights or cocktails after work, this muddled hue makes a great transition color between seasons.

Abstract Art

Varying hues of green look artsy when used as accent colors in an abstract design. A brighter shade for the larger elements adds a nice pop while slivers of the darker tone create contrast.

Forest Green

Moody polish colors are super chic on shorter length nails and this forest green gel manicure proves it.

Floral Blooms

Come spring, floral nail art is a given. But for those looking for a take that’s a little more out of the box, there’s this blooming green manicure.

Mint Micro French Tips

Micro French tips painted a dainty mint color are an ideal route for minimalists who want to lean into the green manicure trend this spring.

Emerald Chrome

For an edgy update on spring’s top color, try a chrome-finish emerald polish on almond-shaped nails.


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