These Curly Holiday Hairstyles Will Make You The Main Character Of Any Party

Take your curls for a whirl.

woman with curls looking over shoulder

E-vites are both effective and sustainable, but there’s nothing quite like pulling a creamy, weighty envelope from the mailbox with a party invitation inside. No matter if it’s a sophisticated celebration, an intimate dinner among friends, or an all-night New Year’s Eve rager, you’re bound to share some laughs, clink some glasses, and score a few excellent photos for your December photodump. The real question, though, is what beauty looks and outfits to choose for each. For curly hair, the options are endless — so TZR made it easy with this one-stop guide to the best holiday curly hair inspo.

Regardless of if your party invitations come via G-Cal invite or a personally-messengered correspondence card, there’s a curly hair-perfect style ideal for every sort of get-together in your calendar this year. Go soft and romantic with face-framing tendrils or become the main character the second you walk in with a glittering headband or power ponytail — you might even find your new problem is not enough places to wear all the styles you want to try. Dust off the diffuser, break out the shine spray, ready your curl creams, and crank up the going-out playlist: it’s holiday party season, and TZR has everything you need for the ultimate holiday curly hairstyles.

No-Part Curls


Forget the great side-part vs. middle-part civil war current raging on TikTok and consider this instead: no part. While hair will always kind of naturally fall to one side, the beauty of lush curls is that they can obscure the scalp — which means no visible part. Especially for nights out, it adds fun-and-free energy to any ensemble or makeup look, too.

Half-Up, Half-Down


It’s a holiday hair question as old as time: for the big events, do you go for an updo or leave hair full and down? Thankfully, you don’t have to compromise. Pull your hair back into a romantic half-up, half-town style to show off both your curls and your cheekbone highlight — both equally important for any candlelit celebration.

‘70s Styles


When Jessica Chastain uploaded this behind-the-scenes shot of her The Eyes Of Tammy Faye premiere glam, her caption said it best: “We went full Disco Jesus and I saw the light!” With her feathery curtain bangs and tight, fluffy curls, Chastain’s a ‘70s disco dream in a style that’s practically begging to be paired with velvet, silk, and sequins.

Dainty Details


There are two sorts of hair accessories: the types of headbands and clips you buy, and those you make yourself. Adding tiny braids, a crisscrossing crown of twisted strands, or combining curls with protective styles like Bantu knots add so much fun and detailing to holiday party hair.

Bouncy Bangs

The quickest way to feel brand new ahead of a big event? Call your stylist up and ask for a quick bang chop. Brow-skimming curls literally frame the face in bouncy ringlets that add even more intensity to cool holiday eye looks.

Ballerina Buns

As Nicole Richie so aptly demonstrates, a curly topknot is a breathtaking choice for any and all major occasions. With accentuating tendril curls free to move and bounce around her forehead and cheekbones, the result is elegant, ethereal, and undeniably comfortable for those long, champagne-fueled nights with friends and family.

Ethereal Accessories

When the holidays roll around, your crowning glory deserves a tiara all its own. Infuse some sparkle into curls of all types and lengths with a glittery hair accessory: bedazzled bobby pins, statement clips, or a one-and-done headband adorned with the prettiest celestial motifs.

High-Gloss Hair


Oftentimes, the perfect party hair moment is less about attempting an elaborate hairstyle and more about how you style it. Bouncy volume and plenty of hydration can make even a wash-and-go style look like it took hours, and a speedy shortcut is with the help of an at-home glossing treatment. Not only will it add so much shine and glow to hair, but there are plenty of glosses infused with pigment to give hair color a back-from-the-salon boost right in your own bathroom.

Party Ponytail

Leave it to Kerry Washington, the undisputed queen of hairstyle versatility, to demonstrate the true perfect party ponytail. The brushed-back curls along her scalp are slicked down and sleek to show off her pretty gold hoops and smoky eye (really, this entire look is worth copying for your next event) but the tail itself is full and fluffy for lots of drama and the chicest silhouette.

Flattering Face-Frame

Regardless of if you incorporate some free-flowing face-frame pieces into a full-fledged ponytail or a half-up style, they’ll add instant romance to either. Not only do the pieces lend a flirty, “who, me?” energy to any hairstyle, but they also emphasize cheekbones and jawlines almost like hair-assisted contour.