17 Products Guaranteed To Revive Your Curls

Everything you need for hydration, shape, and some major shine.

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Khadijha posed selfie with curls and freckles

When it comes to maintaining a lush head of natural curls, styling can be something of a Catch-22. Because curls are just inherently prone to dryness and dehydration which itself can lead to frizz, those with curly hair can find themselves regularly heat-styling hair and applying lots of styling products. And because those frizz-taming techniques leach even more moisture leading to flatter curls and even more frizz, the vicious circle spins on and on. Fortunately, now more than ever, brands are turning their focus to curls with full-scale lines and specially-designed products all formulated to moisturize, bond, and reaffirm the shape and integrity of all curl types.

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From bounce-boosting creams that promise mattress spring-level curl recoil, to styling products that help hydrate and shape every individual curl, and moisture masques that revive flat hair and protect against future damage, there’s an arsenal of curl focused-products for everyone — and TZR is counting down some of the best out there. Scroll on and your curls will inevitably thank you.

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