Cat Eye Nails Are Quickly Becoming 2022's Most Dazzling Manicure

Hint: they require magnets to create them.

Cat Eye nails almond long green

Feline-inspired beauty trends aren’t exactly new — it’s safe to say that everyone with a liquid liner in their possession has tried a cat-eye flick at least once, right? As it turns out, cats are making an impact in beauty beyond just makeup (and knocking all your products off the counter). Cat eye nails, inspired by the mesmerizing pupil slits in actual feline eyes, add hypnotic depth to all sorts of polish colors by harnessing the power of a magnet. The shimmering lines made by the magnet and special polish — the metallic polish is quite literally pushed away from the magnet by its force, like a finger through sand — vary in shape and size for endlessly unique manicures that practically beg to be stared at all day long. Use them to recreate a true cat's eye with one dramatic center line, enhance glitter’s shine, form a celestial sky with comet-like streaks, a swirling blend of interlocking lines, or a combination of entirely new shapes — the fun of cat eye nails is just how customizable they can be.

The other best part about cat eye nails? Just how easy they are to do at home. With so many brands and companies offering their own magnetized nail polish in an assortment of colors and styles, all you need is a tiny magnet, which is often included in polish bundles at kits. Really, all you have to focus on is deciding exactly what sort of cat eye nail you want to start with.

Below, get inspired by some of the coolest cat eye nails looks around, and shop everything you need to get started.

Multidimensional Monochrome

Call it the easiest nail art ever. Dress up a one-color polish with a magnet streak for an instant stripe of slightly lighter color through the nail. Not only does it look so intricate but it dresses up even more muted colors.

Celestial Skies

The starry-sky effect of magnetized polish is undeniably cool and lends itself to lots of intergalactic nail art. By carefully dragging the magnet in certain places, you can even create shooting stars or comet tails for good luck baked right into your manicure.

Glossy Glitters

The simplest use for cat eye polish is also its most stunning. The magnetic field will give metallics of all colors a glossy, glittery effect that looks almost like crushed velvet in some lights — a shortcut to serious sophistication.

Ombré Effect

Cat eye polishes can also be used to help blend colors so seamlessly, they look almost airbrushed. Put to excellent effect here, the greens, golds, and russets all fade into one another like a shimmery cat eye sunset.

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