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This Multitasking Product Is How I Look Glowy *Not* Sweaty In My Beach Vacation Photos

No sweat.

Annie Blay
annie blay beach makeup

Fact: It’s way too hot to wear makeup in 85+ degree weather. And, trust, I’ve learned this the hard way, with an uncomfortable concoction of makeup and sweat running down my face mid-brunch. But some days, against my better judgment, I want to look a little extra cute for a summer outing and my bare face beauty just doesn’t cut it. This dilemma usually comes up during vacations, but this year I’ve cracked the code. While I perfected this beach makeup routine for the purposes of sitting pretty on an island shore, it’s ideal for just about any summer activity where you want to wear makeup without sweating it off two hours in.

I tend to stick to lightweight formulas in the summer, but while on vacation in the Dominican Republic last year I found that even my minimal makeup routine was still sliding off my face in the tropical heat. Most days I did forgo wearing any makeup at all, but sometimes I wanted to take cute beachside pictures and admittedly needed a bit of product to hide the previous night’s activities. In the 12 months since that trip I’ve tried a slew of new makeup options and went into this year’s vacation with a new arsenal and techniques (thanks to TikTok) for the perfect ‘no-makeup’ makeup bronzy glow.

Annie Blay

The key to a sweat-proof summer makeup look is to use products that melt into the skin rather than sit on top (the mistake I was making last summer) — meaning lightweight cream and liquid products with sheer yet buildable coverage. If you can stick to water-based formulas, they work even better for a hydrating, non-oily finish, but products that include lightweight oils like sunflower and jojoba work just as well and won’t slip off your face by mid-afternoon.

The order in which you apply the products matter just as much as the products themselves. Rather than applying each layer individually (foundation, then concealer, then blush etc.), apply everything in one layer and blend with a damp sponge or brush (I find that a sponge works better for a natural finish).

The main players in this routine are a light serum-like skin tint, a liquid or cream blush, and a fine-textured powder to set everything in place.

If you’re wondering where the glow comes into play, since there’s no highlighter involved, it’s all thanks to your skin care routine and your complexion’s natural dewiness. After cleansing with a water-based cleanser I always make sure to use my most hydrating, glow-boosting serums and moisturizers before applying any makeup in the summer — this way I have that lit-from-within glow. This is much easier for me to do since I generally have oily skin, but if your skin is on the dryer side, make sure to employ extra dewy products, like a creamy SPF or moisturizer over a glycerin or hyaluronic acid serum (both of which will pack your skin with hydration).

Ahead my quick and easy glowy summer makeup routine that works with the heat and not against it.

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Glowscreen SPF 40 — Golden Hour
After doing my skin care and using the La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 70 , I use this Glowscreen formula as a primer for an extra boost of bronzy glow. Note: I don’t use enough of this to serve as a standalone SPF, just a small amount for a touch of luminosity.