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What Beauty Editors *Really* Think About The New Supergoop! SPF

Is it worth the $36 price tag?

Annie Blay
Supergoop new Golden Hour Glowscreen

In our series Trial Run, TZR editors and writers put the buzziest new beauty products to the test and share their honest reviews. This week, team TZR tried the new Supergoop! Golden Hour Glowscreen.

Supergoop! is one of the leading sunscreen brands for a very good reason. No matter your skin type, complexion, or finish preference, Supergoop! has an SPF product that’s bound to fit your sun protection and skin care needs. Going beyond just basic UV ray protection, the brand also has spf-infused products ranging from serums to setting sprays — the most notable of these, the Glowscreen spf 40, just welcomed a new iteration. The new Supergoop! Glowscreen in the shade ‘Golden Hour’ dropped on May 25, just in time to meet your summer beauty needs.

The new shade is meant to give you a bronzed tint unlike the original shade ‘Sunrise’ which boasts a champagne, pearlescent glow. This recent iteration shares the same lightweight hydrating formula as the original which includes niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin B5 — a blend that helps boost moisture in the skin. It also contains Sea Lavender which provides powerful antioxidant protection, while also supporting long-lasting hydration.

Team TZR put the new shade to the test, judging on everything from texture and finish to scent and blendability — read ahead for the honest reviews.

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Fast Facts

  • Best for: Glow-enhancing makeup primer or standalone dewy SPF
  • TZR Rating: 5/5
  • Clean/Cruelty-Free: Yes
  • Chemical or Mineral: Chemical
  • What We like: Doesn’t leave a white cast, lightweight
  • What We don't like: Tint is slightly detectable in some lighting, feels oily on some skin types

Kathy Lee, Editor-In-Chief, TZR

Kathy Lee

“Not so long ago, my dilemma with sunscreen was simply whether I was going to wear it or not. The choices were limited and I didn’t like how most, maybe all, felt on my skin. Now, the question I face every morning is which sunscreen to use, depending on the condition of my skin. I’m more of a mineral sunscreen type because of my melasma but I do often wearing chemical sunscreens now and then for the ease of application and wearability — and I like Supergoop!’s new Glowscreen for those exact reasons.

The texture is light and a hybrid of watery-creamy that feels hydrating on my skin. After I finish applying it on my skin, it feels slightly oily where I dread it staying that way all day. But, in true primer form, that oily sensation dissipates and seals in the sheer golden hue on my face. At first, I thought it would act as an alternative to a tinted moisturizer but soon realized that it doesn’t claim to do so. It’s a nice pearlescent base (and sunscreen most importantly!) that can be layered with more Glowscreen, as the pigment is so subtle, or a bit of concealer to even out the skin tone. I will definitely continue to use this sunscreen on days I have little time to get ready!”

Annie Blay, Associate Beauty News Editor, TZR

Annie Blay

“I never used the original Glowscreen, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I have oily/combination skin that leans more towards oily, though that doesn’t make me stay away from dewy finish products. Initially the tan tint of the Golden Hour Glowscreen made me a bit apprehensive but as I started to rub it in I found that it melted into my skin with a sheer, undetectable finish.

I went in with a second layer and it definitely started to sit on my skin a bit more, and I could slightly see the bronze tint. I wasn’t completely sold until I stepped out in the sun and saw the glow. This truly provides a lit-from-within glow that doesn’t come off (or feel) greasy. In some indoor lighting it did look a little too bronzy and the tint was noticeable so I’ll most likely be sticking with this as a glow-boosting makeup primer instead of a standalone spf.”

Amanda Ross, Beauty News Writer, TZR

Amanda Ross

“I like my sunscreen the way I like my smoothies — thick, simple, and full of vitamins and minerals. Typically, my melasma-stricken skin and I don’t dabble in anything other than clinical-looking mineral formulas so I was pretty skeptical to try this tinted, broad-spectrum version. When I first applied the Golden Hour Glowscreen, rubbing it in with my fingers, I was shocked at just how natural (and deep!) the bronze tint looked on my skin. It looked much more like the results of a faux tan than a bronzer (a good thing for me) and a second layer helped smooth everything out. The glow was immediate and serious, both on its own, and layered under a bit of Clé de Peau Radiant Cream Foundation, the warm-weather GOAT.

Because my skin can only use a mineral SPF, I was most interested in seeing how this worked as a primer and was pleasantly surprised to find that the answer is beautifully. Not only did it help fill in my pores and smooth out the canvas for makeup, but the tan tint was like an incredibly lightweight layer of concealer all on its own. This is something I’d certainly recommend for a radiant finish with added protection.”

Angela Melero, Executive Editor, TZR

Angela Melero

“I have to admit, I’ve have had some negative experiences with tinted sunscreens in the past, typically that they are a shade too dark for my not-quite-fair-not-quite-medium skin. I always end up looking like I got into a fight with self-tanning lotion — and lost. So, at first glance, I was afraid the Golden Hour Glowscreen would show me the same fate. As I squeezed out the formula my heart sank as the cream was pretty dark. I dabbed it on my skin lightly and was nervous as the shade was still going on pretty dark. However, as I worked the formula into my skin, I was thrilled to see it lighten and look more natural on my complexion. What I was left with was a nice glowy tint that looked more like a sun-kissed finish than a Dancing With The Stars tan. What’s better is that, two hours later, when I reapplied, the color stayed consistent. Also, it never pilled or got streaky! I happily stand corrected in my judgement of tinted SPFs!”