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It’s 101 Degrees Every Day This Week But These Makeup Products Still Stay Put

Beat the heat.

Amanda Ross
Amanda Ross beauty writer selfie

As I type these very words, a drop of sweat is dangling from the tip of my nose and threatening to touchdown on my keyboard — my fault for having it “in the Splash Zone” honestly. Through an infernal combination of hormones and location (I’m a native Texan), I’ve always been a rather sweaty individual. While my body’s sweat levels are mercifully normal, it’s my face that really starts to glisten even after just a few minutes outside — which means holding on to my carefully applied makeup is often a losing game. Over the years, I’ve perfected the art of working with the heat for a sweat-proof makeup and hair look that doesn’t make me appear like a melted oil painting any time the temperature reads above 65 degrees.

Even if at times it feels counterintuitive, the key to a sweat-proof look is to layer on products with finishes, textures, and consistencies that work with skin and sweat, knowing that they will move around to some extent. This technique always yields a better outcome than trying to preserve total perfection with layers of powders, primers, and setting sprays. With muggy, unbelievably hot July and August on the horizon, it’s time to lean into summer-friendly makeup products that won’t go into meltdown mode — and over the years, I’ve found the best ones. Ahead, a sweaty gal’s guide to the best products for beating the heat without sacrificing pigment, color, or your white-on-white outfit.

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