This Workout Essential Keeps Halle Berry On Her Toes

We’ll have what she’s having.

by Kristin Limoges
Halle Berry Instagram
Halle Berry training box next to a punching bag

Whether it be a quick session or an in-depth workout, the ease of rolling out of bed and walking mere steps over to your at-home equipment cannot be denied. But how do you find the home fitness equipment that’s right for you? Look to the stars – i.e. celebrities. Because while most celebs may have access to the most in-demand trainers in the business, even they love at-home workouts. And often the celebrity-approved home fitness equipment they swear by has been tested and approved by their trainers — so you can trust what they’re recommending actually works.

The desire to break a sweat from the comfort of home is something most people can sympathize with. Of course, at-home fitness equipment became not just a convenience, but a necessity last year when gyms and studios were forced to shut down in the global pandemic. Most Americans pivoted from gym- and boutique-focused routines into virtual and home equipment options. But now that users have seen how truly customizable, convenient, and easy working out from home can be, they may never go back to the gym.

But if you’re still on the hunt for the right tools to keep you moving at home, look no further. Ahead, the beloved workout equipment celebs can’t stop not only sweating with, but talking about.

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Punching Bag

Halle Berry Instagram

Halle Berry’s online health and wellness community, rē•spin, has made the actor an expert in all things fitness and wellbeing. And in training for her newest role (and directorial debut) as a struggling MMA fighter in Bruised, Berry became a huge boxing and kickboxing fan. Grab a bag and channel your inner Rocky or Berry.

SoulCycle Bike

Jessica Alba Instagram

The die-hard following of SoulCycle used to require a trek to your local studio to experience the intense endorphin-rush, but now you can ride with your favorite instructors from anywhere thanks to the SoulCycle at-home bike. Jessica Alba is an enthusiastic fan, as are Kaley Cuoco and Julianne Hough.

Peloton Bike

Alicia Keys Instagram

If you’re more of a Peloton (and/or just an Ally Love) fan, you’ve probably been a lover of at-home cycling well before the recent surge of pandemic users. (The company did see a 94 % increase in subscriptions since the shutdowns in 2020.) Well, you’re in good company then because Alicia Keys describes herself as a "Peloton fanatic" in a recent New York Times interview.

Peloton Tread

Lizzo Instagram

If walking or running is your preferred activity, try the celeb-beloved Peloton Tread. The Tread combines the high-energy instructor-led class with the ease of at-home, on-demand workouts. Both Lizzo and Miley Cyrus have been seen not only sprinting on their Tread at their respective homes, but belting out a high note while doing so.

Foam Rolling

Reese Witherspoon Instagram

If your ideal workout is mainly just stretching, do as Reese Witherspoon does and grab yourself a foam roller. Whether you’ve got tension in a targeted spot, or just want an overall DIY muscle massage, try utilizing the versatility of a roller.

Jump Rope

Kaley Cuoco Instagram

Sometimes you’ve got to take things back to the basics — like the humble, simple jump rope. Kaley Cuoco even recommends jump roping, describing it as her “newest obsession” in an Instagram post in 2020. Not only does a jump rope take up zero space, but you also get more bang for your metaphorical buck with it. In a 2013 study, researchers found that people who spent 10 minutes jumping rope daily for six weeks improved their cardiovascular fitness just as much as those who spent 30 minutes of jogging for the same six-week time period.

Try out the brand new “smart jump rope” HYROPE, which loops to their app that offers real-time feedback as you jump, helping you track jump count, speed, pace, and caloric burn. The collected data will also help customize your workouts to match your current fitness level and will gradually increase the intensity as you go.

Pilates Cadillac

Kourtney Kardashian Instagram

And the winner for the most idyllic outdoor studio of all time goes to...drumroll...Kourtney Kardashian’s Pilates oasis. Kardashian (and a few of her friends and family, like Miranda Kerr and Khloe and Kim Kardashian) frequently post from this lush outdoor Pilates getaway. They’re enjoying a form of Pilates called Pilates Cadillac, in which the user utilizes a machine that almost resembles a medieval four-poster bed. But with the help of her trainer Jesse O’Hara, Kourtney can tone and stretch with the next-level machine. Caution: This machine is not only pricey, but also takes an expert-level ability to utilize, so use accordingly.


Eva Longoria Instagram

Your childhood favorite activity is actually a fantastic workout, just ask Kerry Washington and Eva Longoria. Longoria is such a fan that she frequently posts her trampoline workouts every few weeks, and even takes it on vacation with her, too.

Both actors are using the Ness Trampoline with low-impact bounce for more stability and safety. And it quite possibly might be the most fun workout ever.