The Fitness Tools A-Listers Always Have On Hand

Don't build your home gym without these.

Khloé Kardashian / Instagram

By this point in the pandemic, there's a good chance you've at least considered building a home gym in some capacity; as The Washington Post recently reported, NPD retail data shows that "health and fitness equipment revenue more than doubled" from March to October in 2020. That said, short of splurging on a Peloton, you may be feeling a little lost on where to start since there's basically a never-ending amount of equipment. And while sure, you could stalk the Instagram accounts of trainers to find out what they use, there's actually a better solution: investing in the fitness tools that celebrities love, since they're often recommend by professionals, but have also been tested and approved by normal people who just work out a lot.

OK, yes, there's still a lot of equipment to weed through when it comes to the go-to workout tools of the stars. But still, there are a few pieces that show up on their feeds again and again, which points to the fact that they're both user-friendly and effective — aka probably exactly what you're looking for when it comes to your own home gym. So if you're beginning your fitness journey or just looking to level-up your living room routines, continue on to find out the workout equipment celebrities love the most and where to buy it.

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Celebrity-Approved Fitness Tools: Dumbbells

Unsurprisingly, the simplest of fitness tools made the most appearances in celebrity routines on Instagram. Everyone from Gabrielle Union to Kate Hudson have made dumbbells part of their regular routines, proving that you don't need to get fancy to increase the intensity of your workouts.

Celebrity-Approved Fitness Tools: Resistance Bands

Not only are resistance bands a great way to push your muscles and add intensity to a workout, but there are also several different kinds to help you work various parts of the body in a range of ways. Try Ashley Graham's simple version for strengthening the arms and shoulders, or use a circular band around your ankles or thighs to make those squats and leg lifts even harder. They're all beloved by celebrities (including Graham, Hudson, and Naomi Campbell), so you can rest assured no matter what you use, you'll be sweating just like the stars.

Celebrity-Approved Fitness Tools: Trampolines

Trampolines have been on the rise in recent years, so it's only natural that celebrities like Eva Longoria and Goldie Hawn would jump (sorry) on the trend. Typically, this tool is used for getting some low-impact cardio, but as Longoria demonstrates, you could also use it to provide some light stability if you find it's steady enough for you. (That said, a chair is still probably a better option.)

Celebrity-Approved Fitness Tools: Kettlebells

Like dumbbells, kettlebells are a classic piece of equipment that you'll find in nearly every celeb's home gym (Campbell and Longoria are both fans). This is another item that can be utilized in multiple ways, whether that's to boost your heart rate via kettlebell swings or work your muscles through moves like deadlifts.

Celebrity-Approved Fitness Tools: Ankle Weights

Not into dumbbells or kettlebells? To add some extra weight to your limbs, try ankle or wrist weights instead. Everyone from Tracee Ellis Ross to Halle Berry to Hudson uses these to make their routines a little more intense — they're especially great for leg workouts when you want to make those side and back kicks even more miserable. (Kidding — kind of.)

Celebrity-Approved Fitness Tools: Workout Balls

There's a wide variety of fitness balls you can incorporate into your daily routines, and they all make appearances in celebrity workouts. In fact, a few of them show up in Cindy Crawford's alone, including a large blow-up version to test her balance and medicine balls to add weighted resistance.

Celebrity-Approved Fitness Tools: Jump Rope

Not everyone is into trampolines, and even less people have the space to store them. In that case, consider the celebrity-loved jump rope. It's a favorite of fitness gurus like Jennifer Garner, Campbell, and Berry for intense and effective cardio bursts, and it's easy to store unlike other machines and tools that get your heart rate up.

Celebrity-Approved Fitness Tools: Benches

While they are a little bulkier, weight benches are a major multitasker when it comes to fitness routines (and one that celebrities use all the time). Often, you can use them as a step, a tool for moves like Bulgarian squats and tricep dips, or like Khloé Kardashian, a support while you're lifting weights. So sure, they may not be as storage-friendly, but if you have the space you'll get plenty of use out of one of these.