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Kaley Cuoco's Wellness Routine Includes Vaginal Health Supplements & An $11,000 Treadmill

“I’ll take calls on it.”

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If you’re ever in need of a little mid-day pick-me-up, scroll through Kaley Cuoco’s Instagram. The actor’s upbeat, quirky personality shines through every post, whether she’s gushing about her new dog Larry, talking you through her at-home workout routine, or waxing poetic about feminine health supplements. The latter, as it happens, has her particularly jazzed these days — so much so, that she partnered with wellness company Olly to promote its new #FutureIsFemale line of products.

“I would never put my name on something I didn’t use myself,” says Cuoco to TZR. “I just love what they do and what they stand for. I started using the products like Cleansing Cranberry, Beat the Bloat and Happy Hoo-Ha, which I think is brilliant. It’s kept me so healthy. I absolutely love it and it works.”

Cuoco is also excited about the shift that’s happening with the introduction and modern marketing of feminine health and sexual wellness products. “The packaging and names just lighten the mood around sexual wellness and doesn’t make it such a stigma,” the Flight Attendant star explains. “[...] We have more things available to us with social media and all these different avenues. Women are [realizing] ‘Oh, it’s not just me’ or, ‘I have that, too.’ And we’re starting to open up a fun dialogue around it. I think the conversation is getting better.”

Indeed. With wellness at top of mind for Cuoco, TZR grilled her on all things health and fitness, from the nutritious meal she whips (or blends) up daily to the pricey workout equipment she splurged on while in quarantine.

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What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Coffee. Immediately. I go to bed dreaming of my coffee and what mug I’ll choose in the morning.

When you have the chance to treat yourself, what do you do?

A cocktail for sure. My favorite is one that my husband invented called the Karl-Fashioned, obviously a play on an Old-Fashioned. But, he makes it so special and there’s no sugar in it! We don’t add simple syrup, and it’s very strong with lots of fresh orange. I just love it.

Do you have a favorite workout/wellness practice?

You know, I’m a yogi at heart — I love my hot yoga. Every time I take a break from it I get this urge to go back. It’s wonderfully meditative but keeps me so strong and fit. I also ride horses, which is wonderful for my brain and soul — and great exercise.

One thing you can’t live without is...

I could be really sweet and say my husband and my job, but honestly it’s my phone! It’s actually very sad how attached we are to our phones. I’m embarrassed to admit that, but your whole world is on there, you know?

What’s a healthy meal you always make/order?

My sister taught me how to make these amazing smoothies. She found me these incredible vegan protein powders to put in them, along with tons of frozen fruit, and oat milk. It’s amazing how much stuff you can put in one drink and get all the nutrients you need for the day.

What are you listening to these days?

Weirdly, I’m back into Hamilton all over again. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack in my car as if I just experienced it for the first time, even though I’ve been listening to it for years. I cannot get enough of that musical.

Where are you dreaming of traveling to? Why?

I went on a trip recently— we go to Kentucky every year. We ride horses and my husband is making his own bourbon right now. So, we’ve been going there yearly. I also have a lot of travel coming up until the end of the this year for Flight Attendant. We have a couple international trips, which I’m really excited to be able to do again.

What’s the best piece of relationship advice you’ve ever received?

Support each other’s dreams. Karl and I both have very intense lives separately but also intense lives together, so we’re very supportive of what each other wants to do. If I want to go shoot a movie he’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, go!’ And if he wants to go for a few weeks on the road for a horse show I’m like, ‘You gotta do it!’ That only makes us happier together. You have to encourage your partner to follow their career and then prioritize your time [together] at home.

Do you remember your first big splurge? Do you still own it?

I bought a two-door cinnamon-red Mercedes SLK with yellow interior. It was one of those cars displayed at the dealership on those twisty things. I said, ‘I want that one.’ My parents were like, ‘Are you sure?’ It was such a ridiculous car, but it was the one I wanted! I was pretty excited to be able to splurge and buy myself something like that.

What’s the small stress-saving luxury you swear by at home?

My treadmill — I’m obsessed with it. It’s called the Woodway. It’s like military-grade. I was the queen of not having one piece of workout equipment in my house, and then COVID hit. I never thought I’d be the girl with a treadmill. I’d rather go to the gym or with my trainer, but I’m so in love with it. Sometimes, I’ll just get on it and walk — I don’t always need to be like sweating for an hour. I’ll take calls on it just to get my steps in.

What are you saving up for at the moment?

Always another horse. They need to be saved up for because they are not cheap.

What’s one thing you want to go back and tell your younger self?

You’re in for a wild ride! Also, [I’d tell myself to] enjoy every moment. I think it’s natural for people in this business to be like, ‘What am I doing next?’ and we forget to enjoy what we’re doing now. If I was younger, I’d tell myself, ‘Hey, enjoy that time on Big Bang Theory. Enjoy that time in the makeup chair talking to your co-stars. Enjoy that flight to go shoot Flight Attendant.’ You just get so caught up in tomorrow. And I’d love to take more joy in thinking about how I got to this point today.

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