Jessica Alba’s Morning Routine Includes A SoulCycle Workout You Can Do At Home

No sweaty studio required — seriously.

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Jessica Alba / Instagram
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At this point, Peloton bikes are practically as ubiquitous in fitness lovers’ homes as a set of weights. But if you’re a SoulCycle diehard, you know that nothing compares to the experience of your favorite studio and instructor. Sadly, that’s not as always easy to get these days, with chaotic home situations and general pandemic safety concerns. But as Jessica Alba’s own SoulCycle workout proves, you actually can recreate it to a degree, even without leaving the comfort of your living room.

That’s thanks to the SoulCycle at-home bike, which the actor and Honest Company founder recently revealed in an Instagram reel as part of her morning routine. Yes — while you may not have been aware until now, the cult spinning brand offers equipment that lets you experience its live classes from your home so that, like Alba, you can get your favorite sweat on, make your latte, and do a little masking, all without stepping foot out of your house.

It’s worth noting however, that like a Peloton (or any other at-home spinning equipment), the SoulCycle option doesn’t run cheap. Its bike costs $2,500, which is just slightly higher than the Peloton original that starts at $1,895. That said, SoulCycle notes that its own includes “guaranteed” one to three week shipping and handling, and there are financing options available if you decide to go that route.

You’ll also need to get a 12-month Equinox+ membership to access SoulCycle content, which costs $40 a month — though that comes with additional benefits as well. On top of the spinning classes you’ll be able to access with it, you can also stream workouts from the Equinox+ mobile app from other brands including Equinox, PURE Yoga, and more.

And as for that SoulCycle content, there’s more than just classes. While you can ride with instructors such as Claire J. just like Alba, you also have the ability to see who’s riding with you, and there’s even a “Free Ride” feature that lets you stream your favorite TV shows and movies from Netflix and Disney+.

Alba isn’t the only celebrity to get on board with SoulCycle’s at-home option; Kaley Cuoco, Angela Bassett, and Rebel Wilson are all fans of the brand’s equipment as well. If you’re thinking of becoming the next member of its growing fan base, you can read more about the product on Equinox+’s site, or continue scrolling to shop it (and other spinning essentials), ahead.

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