Our Editors Can't Stop Raving About This Gadget For Quarantine Self-Care

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A bonus of working in the lifestyle space is being able to get the inside scoop (and often a first look) at some of the latest and greatest products. That explains why The Zoe Report's editorial staff is such an informed source for what's new, what's next, and what you're likely to love. And lately, the team here has been gushing over a few genius home gadgets that are making staying-at-home just a bit more manageable.

Technology has been benefitting all of TZR's favorite subjects of late, including fashion, beauty, wellness, and decor, to name a few, and that means our staff has been trying out — and loving — some new tools of the trade. And it's not just smart home devices: Some of the most clever gadgets that are specifically benefitting quarantine life include equipment for your at-home fitness routine, tools that take your skincare regimen to the next level, and home decor essentials that can transform your space into a more peaceful, productive place to spend time with one simple switch.

So what exactly has been getting our editors through the days with a little more ease and pleasure? Read ahead for seven of the savvy devices they've turned to of late — and see if one might be a game-changer for your home, too.

We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Genius Home Gadget: Microcurrent Facial Device

"I'm a tried-and-true fan of Botox, and I faithfully visit my derm every eight to 10 months for a little in my forehead and around my eyes," says Site Director Lauren Caruso. "I was due to go back in February but my schedule was too hectic so I held off — and now I'm majorly regretting it. To get through, I've been using my NuFace every night; I love how I can see an instant difference."

And she's not the only one on staff who's devoted to this toning facial device. "About four to five times a week, I'll wind down on my couch with my NuFace and give my face the royal treatment while I watch my favorite reality TV shows or rom-com movies," shares Angela Melero, Deputy Editor. "It's my new favorite thing and my face is looking healthier and more radiant than ever."

Genius Home Gadget: Fitness Tracker

Melero has also been devoted to a fitness tracker that's helping her stick to her goals even without setting foot in a studio. "I've recently recommitted to exercising and moving more as it helps a lot with my anxiety and stress levels," she says. "I've had this MOTIV ring for a while but have really put it to work lately in tracking my steps and daily activity — I literally have it on all day, every day!"

Genius Home Gadget: Bluetooth Speaker

Setting the mood with music is another thing that's making quarantine life a little easier for Melero, which she does with the help of a wireless speaker. "I'm loving the IKEA X SONOS collab that includes this sleek bookshelf speaker," she says. "It integrates nicely into my decor and is a quick and easy way to stream music or podcasts anywhere in my home."

Genius Home Gadget: Percussive Therapy Device

Another fitness-benefitting tool the TZR staff is loving is a percussive therapy device, like Theragun, to combat post-workout soreness. "Between at-home workouts and just trying to adjust to new ways of moving and sitting in my space, having something to help me get the knots out has been a lifesaver," says Aemilia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor.

Genius Home Gadget: Cordless Vacuum

Madden's also been trying to keep her place as tidy as possible, so she's dreaming of a powerful, cordless Dyson vacuum as her next life-changing gadget. "Living in an NYC apartment I need something functional and compact and I'm ready to commit to items that make my day-to-day life easier," she explains.

Genius Home Gadget: Smart Home Hub

For Kelsey Stewart, TZR's Editorial Assistant, it's all about a multipurpose smart home hub to make life a little easier. "I've been loving having an Echo Dot in my room while I work," she says.

Genius Home Gadget: Electric Diffuser

"I never really 'got' the point of electric diffusers and how they could be different/better than scented candles or home fragrance sprays, but once I was given one from Saje Wellness, I instantly became a believer," says Ashley Tibbits, Staff Writer. "I love to match different blends with my mood (Fortified Breeze for day, Peaceful Slumber at night) and it helps set the tone for a yoga practice when I'm stuck in my messy living room with my cats mere inches away."

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