You Can Work Out With Naomi Campbell While Practicing Social Distancing


Even if you're stuck safely quarantined at home, and even if you're trying to save as much money as possible — which means even your usual gym's/studio's paid digital options are a no-go — you can still make fitness a priority with the best Instagram workout programs that won't cost you a dime. Trainers, dancers, choreographers, fitness brands, and more are using their social media platforms to offer free routines, so you can tune in and get your sweat in no matter where in the world you are or what equipment you have (or don't have) while you're practicing social distancing.

Moving your body isn't only essential for your physical self — as it gets your muscles activated and your blood flowing — but it's equally important to your mental wellbeing — and might just be the thing that keeps you sane. From dance routines to HIIT workouts and boxing-inspired warmups to balancing yoga flows, there's actually a wealth of options on Instagram right now that can help you get off the couch, shake off some stress, and break a sweat without leaving your house.

Ready to get started? Ahead, find a few of the best Instagram workouts you can jump on starting today.

Ryan Heffington

The famed choreographer and owner of The Sweat Spot has been offering live versions of his sweaty dance classes that are accessible enough for novices, And, with moves that include "Nancy Pelosi claps," punches to the establishment, and singing into a makeshift microphone (aka your remote control or whatever else is around), they're also incredibly fun. Follow Heffington to see when he's hosting his next virtual class, and be sure to throw a few bucks at his relief fund via Venmo (which supports his studio teachers during this uncertain time) if you're able.

Y7 Studio

Just because the sweaty, high-energy yoga studio's locations are currently closed doesn't mean you can't participate in their infamous Hip Hip Wednesdays and Sundays. Now, no matter where in the world you are, you can hop onto Y7's Instagram live twice a week for guided, flow-on-your-own workouts set to playlists that will get you motivated.

Tone It Up

In addition to the digital offerings on TIU's app, you can tune into free sessions on Instagram, which includes HIIT classes, kickboxing, Yoga Glow Flow, and more led by their team of fitness pros.


The activewear line's dance, toning, boxing, and yoga classes on Instagram will have you feeling stretched, sore, sweaty — and incredibly blissed out.

Joe Holder/Naomi Campbell

Campbell is iconic for so many reasons, not the least of which is her physical prowess and commitment to getting fit (and looking amazing while doing it). That said, you can follow her lead, as the supermodel shares her workouts with Nike trainer Joe Holder on Instagram live daily at 12 p.m. EST. But be warned — they won't take it easy on you.


Rumble is blessing fitness enthusiasts (and beginners alike!) with daily boxing-inspired, full-body live workouts that will make you forget you're still in your living room.


The apparel and accessories brand is offering daily fitness and wellness content, including live yoga sessions on Tuesdays that will help you tone and strengthen your body as well as feel more balanced and decompressed.

Honorable Mention: Greta Titelman

Fill disclosure: Titelman is not a professional trainer. She's a comedian, but she has lately been channeling her love of fitness — and ability to make you laugh — into daily "Matcha Dances," which feature freeform dance parties with special guests as well as a full body workout using household props (almond milk jugs and jars of marinara sauce) in lieu of weights. After all, laughing has got to be good for your abs, right?

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