These Are The Decor Pieces TZR Editors Discovered During Quarantine — And Now Can't Live Without

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One of the most embraced quarantined activities of late (besides starting a TikTok account, that is) is revamping your decor, a fact housewares retailers, hardware stores, and digital design services can attest to. And depending on your current living situation, aesthetic preferences, and isolation needs, the project can take a number of different forms, from advanced DIY techniques to simply switching up your furniture setup. That said, The Zoe Report staff has figured out what pieces are most bringing them joy during this difficult time, so if you're seeking some home decor essentials to buy while in quarantine, they've got some suggestions.

The new normal takes different shapes for different people. For some, the most necessary change to make in the home is creating a functional and inspirational work-from-home zone. For others, it could be investing in luxurious bedding to increase the quality of their sleep. Or perhaps you're deep into organizing mode and craving clever and stylish storage solutions that will clear out some space while displaying the good stuff. Then, of course, there are those who could benefit from new and improved pots and pans to take their home cooking to the next level.

When it comes to decor, TZR staff has been leaning on a few essentials in particular that they never knew they needed, from perfect selfie mirrors (gotta get that content!) to weighted blankets for those extra-stressful days, and they're game to share what's working for them. Ahead, find their favorite quarantine finds for the home that are making it look and feel a whole lot better.

We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Home Decor Essential: Full-Length Mirror

"I live in a small studio, and though I already have a small full-length mirror from Dream Fishing Tackle, I wanted something even bigger to help open up my small space," says Site Director Lauren Caruso. "I recently bought CB2's Infinity Mirror, and not only will it be great for shooting content at home, but it reflects the light so much better than my original mirror. It's a small update but I love the way it changed my space."

Home Decor Essential: Weighted Blanket

"I got mine before quarantine, however it's been so helpful during this stressful time," Kelsey Stewart, TZR's Editorial Assistant, says of her weighted blanket. "When I'm feeling overly anxious, snuggling underneath the weighted blanket always makes me feel better. Plus, since I'm spending more time than ever in bed, I want to be as cozy as possible."

Home Decor Essential: Quality Cookware

For Aemilia Madden, TZR's Senior Fashion Editor, quarantine was the perfect excuse to upgrade her cookware. "I finally invested in quality cookware, which has made all the difference in upping my at-home meal quality (plates and cups are next!)," she says. "I think you never realize how annoying your subpar things are until you invest in something new and it cures annoyances you didn't know existed."

Home Decor Essential: Super Soft Sheets

Madden also took the opportunity to add a little more luxury to her bedroom, as well. "With so much time in bed, I can't shout it louder from the rooftops: Invest in comfy sheets," she says enthusiastically. Her preference? The crisp, white, fancy-hotel style sheets from Brooklinen.

Home Decor Essential: Stylish Organizing/Storage Pieces

"Like everyone else, I've tackled some larger home projects these last few months, and they all centered on storage and organization," says Angela Melero, TZR's Deputy Editor. "I put up these floating shelves from Target one weekend as a means to better display and organize my ever-growing book collection, and it was the best decision I've made in regards to my home. Not only are the shelves super chic, but they're total space-savers and very affordable! Win-win, right?"

Home Decor Essential: Inspiring Wall Art

It's easy to put off buying wall art if you're limited on budget. But Melero found the perfect solution: Shops like Spacey Studios that offer fine art at very reasonable prices. "They feature a range of styles and some amazing emerging artists to choose from," she explains. You might be surprised at how personalized and inspiring art can actually make a given room.

Home Decor Essential: A Vessel For Flowers

"Flowers are one of those things that can just make any space feel a little brighter, which is sorely needed now," says Staff Writer Ashley Tibbits. "I recently got a bouquet delivered from Twig & Twine in Los Angeles (it's nice to indulge there and help small local florists out when you can) and displaying blooms in an equally gorgeous vessel is a more dramatic decor statement than you might realize. An instant mood boost!"

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