How To Give Yourself An At-Home Facial For Under $100


Great skincare doesn't always have to involve a fancy facial. Sure, visiting your dermatologist for a check-up or an esthetician's office for some luxe skincare is great every so often, but nothing beats being able to care for yourself in the comfort of your own home. We've compiled every step you'll need to give yourself a great facial at home with the right products.

Cleansing Oil

Remove any makeup or excess dirt on the outer layer of your skin with a cleansing oil. This will prepare your skin for proper cleansing that follows.


Penetrate into deeper layers of the skin with a gentle exfoliating cleaner that will go into your pores, ensuring the removal of dirt and oil.


Use a chemical peel as a second exfoliant to open up the pores, and promote brightening and cell turnover.


One of the most relaxing parts of a facial is steaming. An at-home steaming device can effectively open up your pores so that products and formulas can be better absorbed.


Calm the skin with a face mask for ten minutes. You can use any face mask of your liking, but a charcoal one will further help detoxify.


Once you rinse off your face mask, add a brightening serum infused with vitamin C. This will help restore and even the tone and texture of your skin even more.


This is a non-negotiable. For optimum hydration, finish off with a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid.