The Decor Trend To Ditch Come Spring

Meshberg Group

Spring signifies a fresh start, and in addition to cleaning, you may be looking for ways to update your place. Decor, like clothes, goes in and out of style, and with the holiday decorations long gone, it's time to transition your home to go along with the change in weather. That means replacing the home decor trends that are out for spring and opt for some that are very now.

This season, it's all about adding interest and airiness to your abode. Mash ups of colors, patterns, and textures are all the rage, creating layers of style (and personality) to your favorite living spaces. Kitchens and bathrooms, on the other hand, are getting upgraded with sleek silhouettes and clean color palettes. And metallics are in for a makeover, too: The newest accents aren't just matte black, they're a mix of metals like brass, copper, gold, and silver, in finishes that are polished, brushed, or matte.

You, too, can incorporate these design elements into your home, whether you're planning a complete renovation or a budget-friendly refresh with modern furniture and artsy touches (no sledgehammers required). Ahead, design experts dish on which trends are "in" for the spring, and which ones are melting away with the snow, plus read up on ideas on how to make the former your own. After all, your wardrobe style changes with the seasons, and your home decor should, too.

Color & Texture

Meshberg Group

Out: Monochromatic Designs

Adam Meshberg, founder and principal of Meshberg Group, says that one-dimensional colors are out for the spring. "Minimalist design [and] all white or all dark palettes are out this season," he says. "It’s all about textures, movement, and color livening up the space this spring."

In: Mixed Colors, Patterns, & Materials

"[Meshberg Group designers] recommend mixing and matching textures within your living space by combining smooth concrete floors with linen wallpaper, [or] a wool fabric couch with accent pillows and a Cecile rug," Meshberg says. The variation results in "creating a vibrant sense of dimension within the space."

Nancy Ruddy, owner of CetraRuddy and interior designer for queensyard, a British-inspired restaurant that's opening in NYC this spring, agrees. "We’re seeing more mixing of different patterns and materiality," she says. "In recent work, this is expressed through crafted wood and metal elements, complementary textures and materiality, all detailed in an informally luxe modern vernacular."

queensyard // CentraRuddy

She adds that another creative and easy way to incorporate eclectic accents into a space is through art. "The incorporation of art used in a non-precious but respectful way creates an elevated experience in a most informal way," she says. For instance, "at queensyard, the restaurant reflects the British monarchy through the ages in a witty and irreverent way. We have modern interpretations of queens by artists such as Warhol and Basquiat, mixed with imagery [...] of numerous references to the 'Royals' throughout the ages."

Making It Yours

Luckily, it's easy to add color and texture to your home. Knit and faux fur blankets and pillows, as well as bold throw rugs, can instantly liven up your living room, bedroom, or office. Also, hanging an eclectic collection of artwork (maybe an accent wall?) can totally change the vibe of a room.

Kitchen Counters

Meshberg Group

Out: Thick Stone Countertops

"The traditional thick (two to three inch) countertops are out this season," says Meshberg. "Forgo the bulky, expensive stone for more affordable, sleeker thin countertops (two to three centimeters in thickness)."

In: Thin Stone Countertops

"We now have the ability to determine the thickness of a countertop, as manufactured man-made stone and solid surface composites are becoming more mainstream," Meshberg points out. "Thinner, three-quarter-inch countertops are the new trend, creating a different and unique way to approach a kitchen staple at about half the thickness of traditional countertops. These countertops can vary in look from pure white, quartz, [and] concrete, to faux premium Italian marble. In the spirit of packing away the heavy winter gear, people are adding design elements such as thin countertops to their home to make it feel lighter for the spring."

Making It Yours

Looking to do a renovation? Consider making your kitchen look more modern with this chic countertop silhouette.

Metallic Accents

Whitehall Interiors

Out: All-Black Metal Accents

In addition to monochromatic concepts losing their appeal, Sara Ianniciello, director of design at Whitehall Interiors says, "The all-black metal look is out."

In: Mixed Metals

"A more refined mix of metals is in," Ianniciello continues. "While matte or polished black metal [for] plumbing, light fixtures, or hardware is striking and remains popular, mixing it up with another metal in a warm or cool tone will make a space more on-trend and give it a refined and luxe vibe."

Making It Yours

If your home is in need of an update, consider installing light fixtures and/or faucets with sleek, metallic designs. For a simpler switch, you can also add pops of copper, brass, silver, or gold by incorporating trend-worthy lamps, coat hooks, knobs, mirrors, and picture frames into your decor.

Bathroom Decor

Meshberg Group

Out: Busy Bathroom Designs

Meanwhile, bathroom decor is becoming more streamlined. "Bathroom design is steering away from the 'maximalist' trend we’ve seen in recent years," says Ianniciello.

In: Minimalist Bathroom Designs

Instead, "bathroom design of all budget levels is moving towards simplicity with wall and floor finishes," Ianniciello explains. "Whether it’s one color throughout of stone or tile in various textures, patterns, or sizes, or full stone slabs, this approach makes an understated but elegant impact while visually enlarging the space."

Making It Yours

If you're giving your powder room an overhaul, consider decking out the floor and walls in same marble stone. But if gutting your bathroom isn't an option, you can still incorporate marble and metallic accents with your soap dish, toothbrush holder, and apothecary jars.